Suck on the Machine Gun — the recreational activity

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Straight from the straight-faced reporting of the New York Times comes another bit on machine gun amusement parks in and around Las Vegas.

Why? For the pleasure of WhiteManistan, freedom and the universality of the amateur video spectacle of a 9-year-old child shooting her machine gun instructor dead.

If you insist on being hopeful, that what ails the “country” can be fixed, you have a hard time keeping that mask on right now.

The NYT explains. Yes, white machine gun enthusiasts live in California, where they must feel terribly oppressed:

“We get a lot of people from California and other states that [prohibit] guns, and Europe,” Mr. Sessions [owner of the Vegas Machine Gun Experience] said. “They can own a basic firearm but not a fully automatic gun.”

The range’s most popular package is the SWAT, where for $169 a shooter can fire 50 rounds of the MP5 submachine gun, the M4 machine gun and any 9 millimeter pistol, always with a trained instructor. The deal also includes eye and hearing protection as well as a T-shirt.

“It gives them an opportunity to shoot a couple of machine guns and a handgun and they walk away pretty excited,” Mr. Sessions said. “We get married couples who come in and split a package. It’s a thrilling experience they can share together that they couldn’t do anywhere else.”

“This is about having people have a good time and putting a smile on their face,” an owner of one of the ranges told the newspaper.

“You have to ease their fears and you do that by highlighting the safety features,” another told the Times. “If they do anything wrong, you will be there to correct them.”

No, you can’t guarantee you will be there, as instructor Charles Vacca can no longer say.

There was nothing to do but retitle Dick Destiny’s Gun Nut Folk Tune as Suck on the Machine Gun. You can listen to it at SoundCloud. Be sure to read the description.

Yes, Ted Nugent has done machine gun amusements, too. YouTube has evidence. Perhaps this week’s column at World Net Daily will explain the tragedy of The Last Stop as the fault of there not being enough legal machine gun firing zones, combined with a liberal Saul Alinsky-inspired plan to make all machine gun lovers look dangerous and nuts while continuing to build the nefarious apparatus that will deprive all Americans of freedom.


Suck on the Machine Gun Folk Tunes

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Every time you think you’ve seen the worst from WhiteManistan, someone shows up with a camera video of a 9-year old child accidentally shooting the gun instructor dead at a machine gun amusement part firing range in Nevada.

Because machine gun tourism is an actual thing here.

And, boy, was I on the money with these. If you don’t understand, are driven to rage at the bleak nature and wish to add your thumb’s down, you need a psyche work up. Likable happy tunes about personal liberties can’t be used to describe WhiteManistan. Not by anyone decent.

“Suck on my machine gun!” Another evergreen Ted Nugent quote, one with the same appeal as the Ebola virus.


The Bill for HateSpeechin’ Comes Due

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WhiteManistan’s Minister of Rock & Racism

Today at Rock NYC Live and Recorded, I once again dip into my long lost career as a music journalist in a summary of Ted Nugent’s racist summer catastrophe.


Nugent has two businesses, one in music and one in being a pundit and opinion-maker for the extreme political right wing, the Tea Party, the old angry white party (aka the GOP), the people who do not accept the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency. The latter, a group that for six years with two to go, has erupted in a racist fury over the man in the White House who they believe hates them (Nugent spouts this regularly on tour), is a tyrant and is destroying the fantasy America of their golden youth and early middle years …

The old American paranoid style courses through Nugent on a daily basis. He believes groups of subhuman punk unpatriotic Americans who are inspired by old or dead radicals virtually nobody has heard of except fans of Glenn Beck are destroying the country and, as a part of that plot, trying to get him, too.

I recommend it. But, of course, I would.

Reaffirming every observation in that essay, Ted Nugent plows on in today’s column and in other news around the web. He can’t help himself and it would be a pitiable sight if … well, if he wasn’t such an obviously 24/7 hatemonger.

Excerpted from the wires:

Nugent wrote, “WE ARE ON OUR JET NOW HEADING FOR TOLEDO RIBFEST JAM AFTER AN INSANE INCREDIBLE OUT OF BODY ULTRAROCKOUT at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis SD! Simply astonishing gig! 4 stinkyass unclean dipshit protestors that admitted they hate me AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE THAT STOLE THEIR LAND BULLSHIT!! See, it aint me they hate, they hate all Americans that produce & live the American Dream. Simply insane!”

Nugent made other inflammatory comments in the discussion thread on his Facebook post. One fan wrote that “Maybe the natives shoulda had better weapons …” to which Nugent responded, “less peyote less whoopin & hollerin.”

Thumbs down to the undue attention given to rocker/right-wing screamer Ted Nugent at the Big Horn Basin TEA Party picnic.

Nugent was treated like a demi-god at the event, as scores of people leaned in to hear his every word, many of those harsh and others profane. That’s in keeping with his long-established style …

[And] he has also spewed out some of the most hateful and plain idiotic comments about politics that it has been our displeasure to hear. Yet somehow, he is hailed as a hero by the far right.

We wrote a pair of stories about Nugent and published pro- and anti-Nugent columns. He is news, we realize, but we strove to offer a balanced view of the man and his career.

Seeing Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso basically ignored on Saturday, along with other current and hopeful officials, while Boy and Cub Scouts posed for photos with Nugent and others were drawn to the celebrity in their midst, said a lot about what we value as a nation.

And it wasn’t good.

Ted Nugent at WND

But in this day and age of dishonest journalism, nothing is quite as hateful as the accusation of racism, which much of the leftist media are guilty of over and over and over again …

When a person is incapable of civil dialogue or respectful debate, they always hide behind the race card.

But when the president of the United States evidences pure racism based on color of skin instead of content of character, as he did in the Trayvon Martin debacle, our First Amendment abusing media are silent. Not a peep.

Nugent wrecked the promotion of his first new album in seven years and had his summer tour overturned by media attention that eclipsed it for what he couldn’t stop saying. His poisonous ideology could no longer be brushed off as vigorous differences in political opinion.

Nugent’s apoplectic rage over Barack Obama, his regular insistence that more than half the country is an infestation of cockroaches, that non-white people are to be regularly mocked, that anyone who doesn’t agree with this is a stinky hippie, a communist, subhuman, an America hater or unclean vermin, is not an outlying thing.

It’s the id of WhiteManistan.

“Unclean vermin” in “American Communist Party regalia,” according to Ted Nugent, protesting his show in Montclair, NJ, this summer. We observe the astonishing magnitude of his pathology.


Famous last words

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Ranting, in Oshkosh, just before calling people “unclean vermin” blew up in his face.

Open thread.


From Bigot to Pariah in 24 hrs

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You just can’t call people unclean vermin. It’s a lesson Ted Nugent learned the hard way yesterday.

Yes, the wheels must have popped off the Ted Nugent tour bus last night when news arrived that another Indian tribe, the Puyallup, canceled the two shows he had at their casino in Tacoma at the beginning of next month. The Coeur D’Alene tribe of Idaho canceled his gig at its casino on Monday. (Note: Nugent relies a great deal on casino gigs. And the casinos are the property of Native Americans.)

“The First Amendment gives people the right free speech, but I think racism is intolerable and not acceptable here,” Puyallup Tribal Council Vice President Lawrence W. LaPointe told a news agency.

Media Matters quickly queried a number of prominent rock music promoters around the country about the Nugent cancellations. The consensus was his racist image has become such a liability its starting to really hurt his music business.

“No one should be surprised by any of this,” Gary Bongiovanni, editor-in-chief of Pollstar USA, told Media Matters. “It’s a free country and Nugent has always had a big mouth. But if he keeps making incendiary statements his future tours may be limited to NRA conventions and Fox News events.”

Dives in the deep southern part of WhiteManistan, too.

The Media Matters piece is here.

Altogether, Nugent has had six cancellations on his summer, all as a result of his image as America’s most famous rock and roll bigot.

Prediction: Ted Nugent will be apoplectic in public, making things even worse for himself in the next few days.

Give him the microphone now.


The Rock n Roll Bigot: “Unclean vermin” oppose him

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Urgent fictitious memo from Ted Nugent’s public relations firm:

Dear Ted, if you are to continue making the case that you are not a racist in the court of public opinion, it is unwise to call your opponents “unclean vermin.” Unclean vermin is not a common derogatory term in the United States. In fact, no one uses it, ever. However, there was one place where the words unclean and vermin were regularly used — in the propaganda of Nazi Germany. Word to the wise, Ted. If you are trying to convince people you are not a bigot and fascist, using unclean vermin to describe those who are making the case that you are only reinforces the impression.
— Cringely, Lost Cause Promotions

Nugent on Tuesday, on people protesting his show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin:

“I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy … By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people, but there has always been a lunatic fringe of hateful, rotten, dishonest people that hate happy, successful people.”

Today, Nugent lashes out at the refugee children invaders that are the center of the immigration crisis on the country’s southern border:

And now I think all sane people can agree that Gov. Rick Perry of the great Republic of Texas has shown rare and genuine leadership by making the long overdue move to actually secure the border by deploying the Texas’ National Guard and bring a halt to the dangerous flow of illegal invaders …

I don’t know about you, but America should be keeping an eye on Rick Perry and the handling of this Obama-engineered criminal invasion trainwreck on the border. We are either a safe, protected sovereign nation, or we’re not. Real leaders living up to their constitutional oaths will make sure that we are.

After the CdA Tribe of Idaho canceled Nugent’s gig at its casino on Monday, Nugent replied the he honored Native Americans in this way:

[He] cited the lyrics to his song “Great White Buffalo” to point out that he isn’t racist towards Native Americans. “But then came the white man/ With his thick and empty head,” it goes. “He couldn’t see past billfold/ He wanted all the buffalo dead.”

A Native American news publication didn’t quite see it that way:

The racist remarks most often cited are jabs at President Obama which include calling him a “subhuman mongrel” and a “chimpanzee.” But Nugent’s racially-insensitive behavior extends to Native Americans as well. He frequently wears a feather headdress on stage and appropriates a sacred Native symbol in his song “Great White Buffalo,” both of which are highly disrespectful to Native culture.

In an April 2013 article for the right-wing commentary site WND.com (formerly WorldNetDaily), Nugent took aim at the movement to change the Washington Redskins team name using language that many Natives will find objectionable. The article was called “A Tomahawk Chop to Political Correctness” and included these turns of phrase:

“Every so often some numbskull beats the politically correct war drum protesting the names of sports teams.”

“If there are Native Americans whose feathers are ruffled over the names of sports teams, I submit that they are sorely focused on all the wrong things.”

“Call me crazy horse, but maybe we should start by addressing issues that truly matter most and would actually save Indian’s lives.”

Nugent concluded the essay by casting himself as a savior of Natives:

“Because of my clean and sober, hands-on conservation bowhunting lifestyle and song ‘The Great White Buffalo,’ Native American tribes have invited me to teach their young people how to reconnect with the land and teach them how to bow hunt the mighty American bison. It was in their midst that I learned firsthand about the terrible problems facing my Indian BloodBrothers.”

Yesterday’s decision by the Coeur d’Alene suggests Nugent may need to double-check his standing in Indian country.

Boy howdy!

And in this video, recently uploaded to YouTube, Nugent talks about how his new song, “Do-Rags and a .45,” is meant to be a help to African Americans living in cities.

“I get called a racist for trying to save black peoples’ lives,” he insists.

This bit starts at around 5:30.


‘Merica’s Rock n Roll Bigot loses another gig

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WhiteManistan’s most public bigot, Ted Nugent, lost another gig today. This brings the total of cancellations this year to four, all as a result of Nugent’s infamous reputation as a purveyor of hate speech.

From the AP:

WORLEY, Idaho (AP) — A Native American tribe has canceled an Aug. 4 concert by Ted Nugent at its casino.

The Coeur d’Alene Tribe on Monday said that the cancellation of the concert at the casino in the northwest Idaho city of Worley was because of the rocker’s “racist and hate-filled remarks.”

The tribe says it booked Nugent without realizing he espoused “racist attitudes and views.” The tribe did not detail which of Nugent’s specific views it opposes.

The last sentence is hilarious. There’s so much hate speech from Nugent documented on the web it’s now an intelligence-insulting task to show it to people who don’t want to see it, anyway. Anyone who says they haven’t heard the worst of it is in the position of covering their backside.

Nugent has made his a big part of his business being a public hate-monger for WhiteManistan and the Tea Party. He should be made to own it completely.

He has the right to free speech. But in the world of entertainment, one can exert pressure on businesses, or concert venues, that book him. Bars, casinos, small theaters in the heartland and county fairs are not, primarily, venues for the spouting of all view points.

They’re entertainment businesses, period. And they must exist within the standards of the community they’re local to. And if people choose to tell them, again and again, that Ted Nugent does not fit even generously elastic community standards in a civil society and the business should either distance itself from him or risk paying a price for flouting such things for the sake of money, then that is a legitimate tactic.

It’s an unpleasant job to go over the long list of Nugent’s public statements and video captures. That doesn’t excuse anyone from corporate America in the music business from due diligence on it.

Want to buy the nationally famous hate-monger for a day? Live with the ill will, bad karma and potential bad result.


Today’s dose of the Rock n Roll Bigot

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It’s all the fault of the poors, especially those people in the cities. Ted Nugent hates them all, especially what they did to Detroit. “Have you been to Detroit lately?” he asks in his latest column at the advocating-rebellion-right-wing news site, WND. “No wonder the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is such a big hit.”


We shake our heads in abject confusion and disbelief at the vacant claims by the left and liberal Democrats that capitalism is bad and that America is greedy when it is universally known that at least half of the country is subsidized by the producers. There simply is no more generous, giving, loving society on earth than hardworking Americans …

As the Democrats continue to get away with their crimes, the squawking poor just keep on getting poorer, and as is always the case, they have no one to blame but themselves. Stupid is as stupid does. Brainwashing only works if you give up your brain and your soul to the brainwashers.

Another mind-boggling conundrum is the fact that America’s so-called poor live a life far better than do real poor people around the world and have luxuries they can only dream of.

With their cell phones, automobiles, microwave ovens, air-conditioning, new clothes, manicures and pedicures, bling-bling, clean water, more food than they can eat, pretty much redistributed everything handed to them, they still whine how America should be more like those other countries.

As a matter of fact, if you live in a poor neighborhood in urban America, you know that people don’t have a lot of things someone as repellent as Ted Nugent thinks they do. As for “clean water,” Nugent seems to have the missed the disaster of Detroit shutting off water service. However, this is hardly surprising, considering the source.

A great many below the poverty line, or very close to it, in Los Angeles County do not have cars. They rely on public transportation, bicycles, sometimes taxis, and walking.

A lot have air-conditioning as renters but don’t use it when it’s most needed in the southern California summer because it really runs the electricity bill higher. Instead, they are outside or on porches, perhaps using a fan, trying to stay cool in the evening after the sun has set.

As for “bling-bling”? I don’t see it, ever. But, Ted, that’s him being what he is, one of WhiteManistan’s most popular public racists.

“Listen to my SHUTUP&JAM! CD,” Nugent concludes “It’s the soundtrack to take back America.”

Not exactly but I suppose sales could use a push.

Here’s a Nugent at a recent show in Anaheim. The first minute and a half is given over to a standard profane rant about Nancy Pelosi and California gun law.

From an Orange County Weekly review, largely favorable, of the show:

Perhaps it was the fact that this show was in Orange County, but, for as much of a rocking show as Nugent puts on, there were very few youths present at The Grove. The audience essentially consisted of the same metalheads, rock ‘n rollers, and swivel-hipped girls that had likely gone to his concerts 30 years ago …

Nugent was pretty vocal about the African American roots of his music, and played “You Shook Me,” yet I did not see a single black person in the theater…He is likely his own biggest fan …

In Maine, an experienced hunter strongly condemns criticizes Nugent for getting involved in trying to defeat an anti-bear-baiting referendum:

Disturbingly … Ted Nugent has spoken out in opposition to a fair and sporting bear hunt. Nugent is from Michigan and is known for sticking his nose — and his loud and offensive mouth — in other states’ business. He has supported all sorts of unethical practices, including hunting within fenced enclosures and remote Internet hunting …

Most of us Mainers are familiar with the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but it is broken. Our bear management sadly has gone astray. And Ted Nugent is the poster-child for how not to fix it. Nugent illegally baited deer in California and illegally killed a bear in Alaska …

I’ve hunted bear in Maine for the last 25 years, taking as many bears in that time. I know the woods well and am a skilled enough tracker to find a bear when I want rather than relying on lazy and cruel tactics.

The red, white and blue acoustic Ted Nugent acoustic guitar with his autograph, put on eBay to raise money to help defeat the anti-bear-baiting referendum still has not sold.

At a starting bid of $7,000, it’s a plainly lousy deal.

From Google, the “Ted Nugent + bigot” collection.


Endorsed by WhiteManistan’s Rock N Roll Bigot

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Tripod, Ted, tripod.

Guy needs better minders. But who wants the job?


WhiteManistan’s Rock n Roll Bigot exposes the plot to kill him for eating venison

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Ted Nugent regularly whines about being openly called racist in columns and in his public statements. When he does this he often blames a dead person, Saul Alinsky, and then asserts he loved Rosa Parks or MLK.

Nugent’s bizarre confabulations have no effect on anyone with even a shred of brain power.

However, he fits perfectly with the attitudes of the white right and Tea Party, which in exhibitions of massive groupthink, tends to always assert that when called out for being bigoted, it is evidence of precisely the reverse — everyone else being racist.

In interview this week, promoting his new record ShutUp&Jam, Nugent can’t practice what he preaches. Although he says he wants to just shut up and play music, inevitably he always comes back to the itches he just hasn’t been able to scratch:

Interviewer: But I also think you must know that that statement [mentioning Martin Luther King, Jr.] coming from you, is going to piss some people off.

Nugent: Well only in the world where the liberal democrat driven media has repeated the lie and the nasty evil accusation of me being a racist. Yeah, in that world, sure. Here we are in 2014. That’s why the question I pose to you is absolutely undeniable. Here’s the society we live in, where people want to kill me because I eat venison. Really? And you’re in charge of my diet when? None of this surprises me. When you have such a rotten man, whose agenda has always be against America, against exceptionalism, against being the best you can be, against entrepreneurial risk and productivity, like Barack Obama.

When questioned in even the gentlest way Nugent becomes evasive and changes the subject to something that has nothing to do with the original query. In this case, trolls hating his Facebook page and allegedly wanting to kill him because he consumes deer meat.

The “kill me because I eat venison” is another one of Nugent’s odd mental tics, one he’s used frequently in recent interviews.

The bigot who is astonished that anyone would call him one, also includes this laff riot, from the same interview, in which the great venison plot is again mentioned:

Well, it means something. I get on Facebook and see people who want to kill me and my family because we eat venison. Now that’s sad, and it’s demonic, but in the world that we live in, I laugh so hard I can hardly see straight. That’s funnier than Richard Pryor’s afro catching on fire.

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