You won’t believe this! Some kids don’t have food or money! But they all can have ricin thanks to the internet! Your jaw will hit the floor!

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A petty nuisance at a posh school, just before the mailed fist of emergency response showed up at the dorm.

The news yesterday was that authorities had recovered 0.12 gram of castor powder/ricin sample from Georgetown student Danny Milzman.

Of that, a smaller amount is ricin.

In the lab in the old days you could do a rough determination of protein, which is what ricin is, in a sample by redissolving a portion and looking at simple photometric absorbance at an ultraviolet wavelength. This returns a very gross estimate.

And ricin would hardly be the only protein in the sample so it’s impossible to say without a lot more information how relatively toxic Milzman’s stash was.

However, no kid in a dorm with an old electronic copy of Saxon [1] can make much of anything, though, except that which will send him to jail.

From the wire:

A Georgetown University student who was charged Friday with possessing the biological toxin ricin made aggressive comments online toward another student earlier this year, according to a recent Georgetown graduate who said she alerted the school’s administration to the messages and believed the second student might be in danger.

Daniel Milzman, 19, is facing federal charges for allegedly making the deadly toxin and keeping it in his dorm room, according to court papers …

Milzman’s friends said immediately after his arrest that he has a “good heart and a good conscience.”

The recent Georgetown graduate said she was alarmed when she found messages that Milzman had apparently posted on Facebook attacking another Georgetown student. The messages, which the graduate saved as images and sent to the university’s Office of Student Conduct on Jan. 29, call the male student a “useless waste of space” and suggest that Milzman would be happy if the other student killed himself.

The graduate, who is 23, spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity because of fears of retribution. The graduate, who does not know Milzman, served as an orientation adviser to the other student and was concerned about the bullying nature of the comments when that student made them public on Facebook…

In an interview Saturday, [a Georgetown U. friend of Milzman’s, Thomas Lloyd told the Washington Post] that the conversation [in which Milzman told him of his ricin] was “ambiguous” about whether or not Milzman would use the poison on another person and “there was certainly no mention of a specific person.”

Here’s an abstract on the subject of the clinical toxicology of castor seed ingestion in Kansas over ten years.

Summarizing, doctors and researchers found 84 cases over a decade, 50 of which were accidental, 34 — intentional. Children and the witless probably account for the accidental cases.

There may be an attempted poisoning or two in the 34 unintentional, although I’m betting some were attempted suicides and some curious stupidity or belief in wive’s tales about the value of a castor seed as folk medicine. (There is such belief in foreign countries.)

“One patient developed hematochezia and vomiting after reportedly ingesting and intravenously injecting castor bean seeds,” report the doctors.

This would apparently seem to be a clear attempt at suicide. Or, more remotely, someone looking for a high.

No deaths were reported. Unintentional consumption averaged eight and a half seeds per dose. Intentional, ten seeds.

Of note:

“No delayed symptoms, serious outcomes, or deaths were reported. Discussion. Due to the presence of ricin, there is concern for serious outcomes after ingestions of the seeds of the castor bean plant. In this study GI symptoms were most commonly reported but serious morbidity or mortality was not present. The true risk of castor bean plant seed ingestions should continue to be re-evaluated.

This is real science. What the mythology of ricin is in America is not.

What the national security expert apparatus also works on has little to do with using the science of a matter to make evaluations.

The latter was born out of caution after 9/11, and then exploitation when many realized that there was free money that was going to be flowing to defend against the stuff.

So when some dumb shit of a kid, or two, “make ricin” and armored cars filled with army men masked by respirators and hazmat men in scuba tanks descend on their neighborhoods you can only be impressed/astonished/horrified/[fill in the blank] at the bizarre affairs.

Frankly, at this point I’m surprised such things have not yet been included in sketch comedy.

It is a demonstration, too, in this case as to how — on the internet and courtesy of Google — the excrement of “information” rises to the top, crowding out and making useless the rational and considered.

No matter what is put on the web, regardless of refereed science on the matter, what happens is dictated by belief that has been made and twisted from the course and nature of the war on terror and, absurdly, the narratives of the news media and entertainment industries.

All the stupid find is the concocted and the fantastic, suitable only for entertainment. Which it has been for a long time, for anyone who watches movies, television, internet video and on and on.

DD’s law remains in effect:

The probability that any predicted national security catastrophe, or doomsday scenario, will occur is inversely proportional to its appearance in entertainments, movies, television dramas and series, novels, non-fiction books, magazines and news …

Danny Milzmans are one of the results of the circumstances covered under DD’s Law.

The Culture of Lickspittle, groupthink and the internet, all as they pertain to ricin, plus youthful very bad judgment are at the root of the story.

[1]. The words of Kurt Saxon, from The Poor Man’s James Bond, the original source of Danny Milzman’s ricin recipe, now retrievable by iPhone:

“It is bad to poison your fellow man, blow him up or even shoot him or otherwise disturb his tranquility. It is also uncouth to counterfeit your nation’s currency and it is tacky to destroy property as instructed in [the chapter] Arson and Electronics …

“But some people are just naturally crude … It is your responsibility, then, to be aware of the many ways bad people can be harmful …

“Also, in the event that our nation is invaded by Foreign Devils, it is up to you to destroy them with speed and vigor. Or — and perish the thought — if our Capitol should fall to the enemy within, I expect you to do your duty.

“It is right to share with your enemies, the knowledge in this wonderful book …”

The world of digital sharing: Often not what it’s cracked up to be.

Share! It’s edutainment!

Way better than:

Five Things You Need to Know About Ricin!


Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, here is where da ricin iz

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Just before the mailed fist of US anti-terrorism arrived in his dorm.

Through the confluence of the never-ending war on terror, the internet, old American neo-Nazis and stupid new American men and women, we have ricin kooks. During the last two years, they’ve come in clusters.

And today from the wire, continuing the riff from earlier this week, the story of 19-year-old Danny Milzman, much like Nicholas Herman of Hatboro, only with more money, courtesy of well-off parents:

A Georgetown University student who made the deadly chemical ricin in his dorm room was arrested in Washington, D.C. on Friday for illegal possession of a biological toxin, an FBI spokeswoman said.

The student, Daniel Harry Milzman, made the white powder with materials he bought at local stores, including The Home Depot and American Plant Company, according to an affidavit filed in court on Thursday. He found the recipe for making it by doing a search on his iPhone, investigators said.

Wearing goggles and a dust mask for protection, Milzman used Epsom salts and castor beans, among other materials, to make the ricin in his dorm room about a month ago, according to the affidavit …

On Tuesday evening, for reasons that are unclear, Milzman showed some of his ricin to his residential adviser …

From Escape from WhiteManistan, Thursday:

I suspect that in certain cases, not all, there is a juvenile hacker mentality at work, one you see in BitCoin altar boys, the old culture of virus-writers, and some hackers:

I’m going to do it because I must prove to acquaintances, and by extension — the world, that it can be done! I’ll show everybody!

A little more than twenty years ago I saw the first recipes for ricin in cyberspace, on the nascent internet and also on bulletin board systems run off computers in the bedrooms of young boys and men in America.

In the intervening time a couple things have changed. Now you download them with iJunk, if you like. But the combination of electronic recipes for ricin (all simple castor bean pounding and minor treatments with either a degreasing agent or precipitation after dissolving in water), the mythology on the subject and its dispersal to fingertip retrieval from the net, the rapid reaction force of the US national security apparatus have made a unique American phenomenon: the ricin kook.

Said more succinctly, ricin makes stupid.

Nineteen year-old-boys are no more capable of making weapons of mass destruction from internet recipes and crap bought at local stores than the opossum in your backyard.

Nevertheless, where we are as a nation dictates they must be dealt with.

So dealt with they are because what good is it, how smart and skillful you are in making ricin, with this week’s cases, if you don’t tell someone about it?

And Daniel and Nicholas were apparently just busting to do so.

When this happens a detachment from the American joint anti-terrorism force arrives in your neighborhood or right up close to your dorm in the form of a mailed fist of special agents, SWAT teams in full battle gear and respirators, HAZMAT men, fire trucks and armored cars.

In Georgetown.

Daniel Melzman’s ricin recipe, so handily captured on his iPhone, is descended from an original published by neo-Nazi/survivalist Kurt Saxon in the late Eighties, first in a self-published pamphlet called The Weaponeer, and later in The Poor Man’s James Bond.

You can tell by its description in the Reuters piece.

Make no mistake, ricin boys, men and women are almost purely American. While you sometimes see a couple in England, it’s ours. It could only have happened here.

I was a young man when Kurt Saxon first started publishing his ricin recipes. However, the United States was not peppered every year with a few task force investitures of neighborhoods for the arrest of ricin kooks and their leavings.


A number of reasons, and they all come in the development of the Culture of Lickspittle during the last couple of decades:

No internet, no war on terror, no years of fantastical television stories about the nefarious toxicity of ricin in the hands of bad people, no army of national security experts in all media spinning stories about it, no interest because of the groupthink/idiot’s belief you can make something really dangerous, something you must tell others about …by buying a pack of seeds and twiddling your fingers.

I’ll probably post more this weekend.

Remember, after twenty years of writing in cyberspace, that’s why you read about this stuff here.

Pass the Ricin Kooks link around.

And here’s the misery jar.

From last year, ricin-making machine at 2:11.


You won’t believe what this young man sent in a scratch & sniff card to a rival for his girl! He went to jail for her!

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Spring is coming and a fresh bunch of America’s ricin kooks are stirring in the neighborhoods:

A Hatboro man was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly sending a scratch-and-sniff birthday card laced with ricin to a man now dating his ex-girlfriend, authorities said.

Nicholas Todd Helman, 19, was charged with attempted murder and risking catastrophe after lab tests allegedly showed that the card he placed in the man’s family mailbox March 6 was discovered this week to have contained traces of the toxic substance, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said …

Helman had bragged of the toxic card to a coworker at Target in Warrington on March 6, according to a probable cause affidavit. The coworker then notified police, the affidavit says …

When Helman was first questioned about the incident, on March 7, he told police that he had only coated the card with sodium hydroxide, the affidavit says, which he chose because it resembled the toxin anthrax.

Helman also admitted to sending threatening messages to the man via Facebook, according to the affidavit, and police seized from him what appeared to be sodium hydroxide and a notebook with a ricin recipe after questioning.

When a ricin mailing is found, everyone comes: the FBI, the local police, the Department of Homeland Security, the state and local hazmat and SWAT teams.

It must have been a thrilling day in the neighborhood.

And from the WaPost (no link), still another young bean pounder:

A white powder found Tuesday in a Georgetown University dorm room tested positive for ricin, school officials said Wednesday, and a D.C. police report indicates that a 19-year-old man told authorities he had produced the substance.

The “expert” who should have kept her mouth shut is deployed, emitting a comment that really has no relevance to what’s going on in America when ricin kooks are at work:

Amy E. Smithson, a senior fellow with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies who studies biological weapons, said that when ricin is produced with military precision, the substance can be highly lethal. “Ricin is one of the deadliest substances on the face of the planet, no ifs, ands or buts about it,” she said.

The substance can be highly lethal. Military precision. It’s laughable, a factoid delivered entirely stripped of context. Nobody has died in the US from ricin poisoning in the last twenty years.

As in Hatboro, the Department of Homeland Security, the police, the firemen, everybody, came.

Why couldn’t I get a job like that? That’s real employment security.

The coincidence that, in these cases, both perpetrators are nineteen-year-old boys certainly leaves good work for graduate students in criminal psychology.

Surely both, as have others, have read enough about ricin on the internet to know they are just smashing castor seeds. But if they are caught with the result, which inevitably happens because they are compelled to — ahem — spill the beans, summoning a detachment from the full apparatus of the war on terror to their door, they will go to jail.

I suspect that in certain cases, not all, there is a juvenile hacker mentality at work, one you see in BitCoin altar boys, the old culture of virus-writers, and some hackers: I’m going to do it because I must prove to acquaintances, and by extension — the world, that it can be done! I’ll show everybody!

Addition: Why do ricin kooks seem to come in clusters in ‘Merica? Coincidences? Seasonal? This is the best time to get castor seeds?

Some underlying psychic network, connecting strands of bright, electric, vibrating mental illness?

I’ll probably never know the answer.

Put a brilliant hacker in an on-line Bitcoin bank & he’ll start changing lives right and left! Your eyes will fill with tears!

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Comment rescue:

Bitcoin is as a SCAM by design as I have voiced many times over several months in that even when a large percentage of people have their holdings stolen the price is stable enough to continue to entice new entrants into exchanging hard earned fiat currency for bitcoins via the ramblings of the clueless mainstream press.

From here.

I suspect it’s possible to scan the blockchain, or exchanges and their reported trades, for the purposes of getting an idea as to whether or not a significant portion of bitcoin hoarders are trying to stealthily and slowly unload their holdings onto others for US dollars.

The author above is right about the mainstream press.

The “Bitcoin beat” has been created and most of its work is pumped out by editors and reporters who are either stenographers, blow-jobbers or writers just thinking up crap to put down so the news sites benefit from clickbait.

Like Bitcoin, it’s substantially detached from reality.

That’s the model of the tech press. Invariably, once a trend beat is invented or discovered, it separates from reality and exists only as p.r., troll pieces, processes to secure eyeballs, servant the subject and keep the beat going.

The grand-daddy of the phenomenon is defense and national security reporting.

The Winkdex: $592

Hat tip to Ted Jr.

Canned Tongue of Bigot: Sing the song of WhiteManistan

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Three columns running, Ted Nugent still fixates on the great pure America he once knew. That’s the place unencumbered by the “bloodsuckers,” where WhiteManistan labored in united harmony, enjoying the fruits of shared upright Christian values and the money and success that comes from such piety.

And now, like last week, his heart is breaking. There’s his WhiteManistan, and everyone else.

“Can the ‘2 Americas’ ever unite?” he cries:

On my side of America are a–-kicking, hard-working, indefatigable, dedicated producers who cannot imagine taking possession of something we did not earn ourselves. And the proof of generosity and love from the producers is irrefutable and legendary, how we take care of our families, neighbors and truly needy fellow Americans and even strangers around the globe in time of need. We provide way more hands-up than we do hand-outs, for we know that able-bodied souls understand deep inside their responsibility to being assets instead of liabilities, and given a prod, will indeed get humping once back on their feet.

Heartbreakingly, as has occurred wherever the desouling scams of socialism and communism have been successfully implemented, weak, herds of uncaring people cut in line to take far more than the truly needy might have coming to them … The scammers’ war on poverty creates more poverty, the Great Society goes bust, the New Deal is a raw deal, and Social Security is antisocial …

“What will it take to wake up the takers to admit that they are destroying this once great, proud, ultra productive last best nation on earth?” Nugent asks.

It eludes Ted Nugent that FDR, World War II and the New Deal were responsible for much of the expansionary economy he so misses from his youth. And that nobody, except the Republican Party, considers Social Security “anti-social.”

Reading the rest, Ted sings the praises of the new tribe of WhiteManistan purity, the Tea Party. Of course he has it right. They hate Social Security, just as long as their checks keep coming. It’s everyone else who might get it coming afterwards that works them up so.

I had hoped Ted would deliver another rousing story of his Horatio Alger-like upbringing and personal tenacity. Perhaps a minder read this column and steered him clear of more anecdotes of chopping firewood, shooting varmints and stomping around the Spirit Wild ranch in Texas on his new surgical stainless steel knees, ignoring the pain and the stretching sutures to get the day’s work done.

Give it another seven days and I’ll be here to tell you the result.

In the mean time, Paul Krugman, explained the song of WhiteManistan in a Monday column:

Or we’re told that conservatives, the Tea Party in particular, oppose handouts because they believe in personal responsibility, in a society in which people must bear the consequences of their actions. Yet it’s hard to find angry Tea Party denunciations of huge Wall Street bailouts, of huge bonuses paid to executives who were saved from disaster by government backing and guarantees. Instead, all the movement’s passion, starting with Rick Santelli’s famous rant on CNBC, has been directed against any hint of financial relief for low-income borrowers. And what is it about these borrowers that makes them such targets of ire? You know the answer.

One odd consequence of our still-racialized politics is that conservatives are still, in effect, mobilizing against the bums on welfare even though both the bums and the welfare are long gone or never existed. Mr. Santelli’s fury was directed against mortgage relief that never actually happened. Right-wingers rage against tales of food stamp abuse that almost always turn out to be false or at least greatly exaggerated. And Mr. Ryan’s black-men-don’t-want-to-work theory of poverty is decades out of date.

“And as economic opportunity has shriveled for half the population, many behaviors that used to be held up as demonstrations of black cultural breakdown,” Krugman concludes.

Sing it, Ted, sing it loud.


Add FUN back into your corporate world!

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In e-mail, a ticket at the low price of $250, for a trip to Dante’s newly discovered 10th Circle of Hell:

What’s the surest way to make sure attendees are paying attention and absorbing your meeting’s key messages? Rock and Roll of course!

Don’t take our word for it though, check out this awesome article that Meeting Focus did on our Team Rock Stars program.

“Creating a program that guides and helps attendees have a good time, giving them permission to let their hair down and rock out, makes a real difference in retention and repeat attendance.” says Kerry Wawrin, CMP,program manager for BCD Meetings & Events.

Invigorate and reward your employees through the power of Rock and Roll. Amp up your team’s camaraderie with the help of our Rock stars. Team Rock Stars delivers lasting results and is guaranteed to impact your group in the most productive and fun way possible.

Team Rock Stars is an ideal fit for your company’s next corporate retreat, training seminar, convention, sales meeting or dinner.

Build corporate team skills to cripplingly wretched dad rock.

What’s the best choice: A case of pink eye, a carbuncle on the back of your neck or a day or two of this? Not a trick question.

If you have any pride left after being given the treatment, you quit before they get to you.

Happiest of anniversaries!

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Iraqi Freedom commemorative music and art! Read it!

Great stuff. The record, I mean.

Free Beer and Steroids for WhiteManistan

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Not satire but great comedic potential if buffered with two aspirin.

Theme music, rock on.


The Metamorphosis: No-Job Job Fair

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Like Gregor Samsa, I’ve turned into a giant beetle. In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka tells the story of Samsa, who awakens one morning to find himself as a big cockroach. His voice has changed. His family no longer understands him and is repelled.

Samsa tries to adapt. His room is cleared so he can more easily scuttle up and down the walls. But everyone he comes in contact with is driven away. Unable to work, his family’s finances are crippled and they try to bring in boarders. The tenants get a glimpse of Gregor and run.

He comes to the conclusion it would be best for everyone if he died. So Gregor withers away. The giant dead beetle is discovered and disposed of.

That’s what the job market, the current economy, does to you. Once unemployed, you’re repulsive, more and more so the longer it lasts. If you’re over fifty, you are in a shunned class.

Few want to have anything to do with you. You lose friends, perhaps make one or two new ones — others who, like you, have found they’ve morphed into untouchables.

I decided to share this with you. It’s not an unobvious thing, particularly after the latest job fair experience at the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

This was a STEM job fair, you know — STEM — that universal magic word meant to mean “science jobs,” uttered by people who are either lying or who don’t know from excrement.

There were about twenty “businesses” at the STEM job fair. Four rows, five kiosk/displays per row, with one on the end for on-the-spot interviews. There were no on-the-spot interviews during the time I was there.

I suspect there were none during the fair’s four hour duration.

And that’s because there weren’t any firms that were obviously looking to make hires in science. What they were mostly interested in was public relations, a kind of social networking where the human resources people sent to staff the booths hand out glossy paper and refer you to the company’s website to upload a resume.

The Environmental Protection Agency was there and was honest about it. The reps said up front they weren’t making any hires, that all of it was processed through usajobs dot gov, the omnibus website for federal hiring.

They were taking e-mail addresses so that you would received blasts when something opened up.

A firm that handled logistical and civilian staffing services for the US Air Force was looking for interns, presumably free. Which, in the current economic climate, isn’t really a job at all, but a way for a private sector company to offer outsourced contract work at a lower rate than the military would have to pay if it actually had to hire and train its own people.

Boeing was the big cheese corporation everyone was in a line to talk to. Boeing doesn’t do science. It does jets and arms manufacturing, engineering applications.

As far as I could tell, the Boeing desk wasn’t actually spreading any love to all the people hoping for some.

There was also a company, another private sector firm doing work for the US military. They were, according to their display, looking for people who could help develop underwater minefields and, reciprocally, sensors for the detection of the same.

This should make you laugh. Yes, everyone gets science and math schooling so they can get in on the exploding American industry of naval mine warfare.

It’s an inspiring vision of the future.

Picture a remake of The Graduate, a young man by the swimming pool in southern California for an evening formal party. A wealthy corporate executive puts his arm around Ben:

“I have one word to say to you, just one word … are you listening? Minefields. ‘Nuff said! That’s a deal.”

At least four of the slots at the STEMS job fair made no bones about not being there to look for workers at all. Three were from local colleges looking to enroll people in graduate work. So, like, you could spend another year and a half or longer in school, perhaps going deeper into debt before emerging into the modern labor market.

Another was the Employment Development Department of California, the state agency present to inform job-seekers without jobs of what they might be able to take advantage of in terms of their unemployment benefit and further re-training programs.

It’s really no secret that job fairs in the US are more aptly described as places where many frustrated people go, dressed in business attire, to totally waste their time.

You can hand out resumes but, for the most part, it’s desperation participation in more American corporate scamming.

One suspects there is a corporate federal income tax deduction that can be invoked once a year (or perhaps even a subsidy to apply for) if one can document some trivial outreach to the American labor pool.

It is a hard thing to make people understand. Once you’ve been transformed into the American economy’s equivalent of insect vermin, you cannot make anyone understand what is happening. You even have a hard time explaining it to yourself.

Will you be ready for the metamorphosis?

Yeah, here’s the misery jar.


Drive those nails into Jesus of America

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Push it up, folks. Wealthiness is next to Godliness, that’s what Jesus taught.

The paradox with American Jesus, Paul Ryan, and his crap stories about what the poor need, the dignity of work and their culture of dependency, is that no matter how often he’s exposed as a charlatan, called out as a Flim Flam Man, compelled to issue a public apology for fabrication or insulting African Americans for citing a notorious racist as an expert on American society, nothing changes.

Six months will pass and Ryan always emerges for another round, unharmed and totally intact.

And that’s because WhiteManistan loves his story-telling about poverty as a morality tale, one in which they’re on the winning side.

In WhiteManistan, God’s favorite tribe lives in harmony, working hard, justly rewarded for its purity of essence.

And the poor are such because they are sinful, lack morals and have made all the wrong decisions in life. To help only makes them worse. What they need is a good whipping, to be administered by the taking away of food and health care, which will certainly make them understand proper values and that nothing in life is free.

Plus, they’re the wrong color, live in the inner city and, as Ted Nugent regularly put its, are bloodsuckers leaching off the system, tearing the place down.

And that’s all there is to it.

Even if Walter Cronkite were alive today and declared Jesus of America to be just the opposite, a Pharisee, on the evening news it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. And that’s because WhiteManistan’s identity is bound up in its regular judgments of others as inferior and wicked.

Diseased as this is, it’s part of national character of the United States, ideologically and spiritually.

Today, the New York Times’ Tim Egan spends a Sunday opinion driving nails into American Jesus, literally crucifying Ryan on his own heritage.


But you can’t help noticing the deep historic irony that finds a Tea Party favorite and descendant of famine Irish using the same language that English Tories used to justify indifference to an epic tragedy ….

In 2012, Mitt Romney, made the Tory case with his infamous remark that 47 percent of Americans are moochers, “dependent upon government.” Part of that dependence, he said, extended to people “who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.” Food — the gall!

You can’t make these kinds of heartless remarks unless you think the poor deserve their fate …

Where have I heard that before? Ah, yes — 19th-century England. The Irish national character, Trevelyan confided to a fellow aristocrat, was “defective.”

Egan goes onto add you never hear WhiteManistan, in his column — Republicans, cast any aspersion on the wealthy.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, too. Incredible timing, that.

Jesus of America says don’t feed the poor! They are just too lazy, they’ll never work at all!

Republican Jesus! Hey, amen!

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