In WhiteManistan, never feed the poor because…

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Yes, California has parts of WhiteManistan in it, too. And they are just as united, capable and eloquent in Temecula, about an hour so from me, as their brethren in solidly red states.

Temecula has grape vines and golf courses although why you’d buy wine from Riverside County, as opposed to Santa Barbara or Marin, is beyond me.

Temecula also has homeless people, like the rest of soCal, but they don’t like it, they really don’t. So Temecula’s burgomistress, that’s mayor, is exhorting people to not give money to the homeless in Temecula:

“People will know that by giving food, money, or temporary shelter to a homeless person, they are actually enabling the homeless person to continue to live in the creek and use heroin.

Live in the creek and use heroin.

Surely that is one of the best constructions you will hear this year. A better example the doling out of the pure milk of human kindness would be hard to find. Perhaps it could be the title of a song.

And does it now mean that when you give shelter to the homeless, you must take them to live in “the creek”?

And hear you see the true nature of the grievance.



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Fiore gets to the heart of the NRA Convention, a hypnosis session for stoking fear, all to get WhiteManistan to buy more military hardware.


The NRA is a paranoid death cult. Contrast Fiore’s cartoon with Wayne LaPierre’s speech which starts calmly enough, then goes bonkers. (Advance to 5:44.)

Your eyes may water, too, but not in a good way when you hear LaPierre shed tears over a nation that has “lost civility” at a convention where Ted Nugent was a keynote speaker.

The NRA’s Paranoia TV series, sponsored by miscellaneous gun manufacturers, is truly remarkable.

Enemies Surround You

Military Tactics for Suppression of Captured Enemies Who Used to Surround You

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