Viral advertising

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Cyberterrorism at 11:22 am by George Smith

Seen on the beat.

From yesterday:

Discovery of these things [the Flame ‘supervirus’] is good for generating interest and international publicity for anti-virus firms. Therefore they will compete more vigorously in the doing of it. Which is a kind of back-handed benefit because it will stand to more quickly spoil cyberwar and harassment campaigns launched by the military and intelligence agencies of the west.

There are a number of ways to see a boost in anti-virus ads. The first is pre-loaded.

If you went out to Kaspersky Labs to read their press release yesterday and didn’t clear your cache, history and cookies at the end of each session — I do — the Internet will serve you Kaspersky ads if they’re available and the opportunity on a site presents itself.

The second, anti-virus firm makes a logical ad buy for impact as interest peaks in the Flame virus story. And you’re served the ad as part of the new daily fare.

Third — it’s all coincidence.

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