Nugent picketed by radio stations in Wisconsin

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Ted’s outbursts this year — the gift that keeps on giving.

He has been noticeably off on the pages of the WaTimes, embarrassed into relative silence over the matters of being visited by the Secret Service, snapping out on network television and being banned from hunting in Alaska over an illegal black bear bagging.

Plus the US Army gave him the boot from a regular gig.

From the wire, the radio boycotters:

There’s been some opposition, to the booking of Ted Nugent to play a couple county fairs in Wisconsin this summer. “The Nuge??? is scheduled to play at the Racine and Dodge County Fairs. Jeri Bonavia with Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort says some members contacted her with concerns. “They didn’t think that Ted Nugent was the kinds of performer who should be at family friendly events like county fairs. Given his track record recently of incredibly violent and threatening rhetoric, we agreed with our members completely and started an effort of contacting the county fair officials,??? says Bonanvia. “When we didn’t get any response from them, we are now turning to the sponsors.???

Bonavia says it seems fair to ask whether Nugent belongs at the fairs. “In Racine County they have him scheduled for children’s day,??? Bonavia notes. “I can’t imagine that there are too many families who would want to oppose their kids to that kind of hate speech.???

Nugent plays the Racine County Fair on July 26th, and the Dodge County Fair on August 15th. “They have a contract with him and they are going to honor that contract,??? Bonavia says. “Even though the U.S. Army canceled his performance at Fort Knox, in the wake of some of his particularly violent speech directed at President Obama.???

County fair businesses have reason to be wary of Nugent. He has a history of suing when kicked from a state sage, most infamously the Muskegon (Michigan) Summer Celebration.

Nugent sued the festival for breach of contract in 2008 when it tossed him off a bill for controversial and derogatory comments he made on a radio show.

However, Nugent cannot sue Fort Knox and the US Army, where he was just dumped. It would be way too much bad publicity. Even for someone who often uses it to advance the career, anyway.

In any case, this quote begs repetition:

“In Racine County they have him scheduled for children’s day … I can’t imagine that there are too many families who would want to oppose their kids to that kind of hate speech.”

Well, whatever would make one think Ted’s not quite the guy for ‘children’s day’?

Yes, DD blog is devoted to chronicling the many ways Ted Nugent has made himself a public disgrace this year. It’s easy work.

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