White, paranoid & hopeless: GOP pols turn NC into pariah state

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North Carolina GOP heevahavas haved passed law essentially declaring global warming isn’t happening because they say so. What else could we get them to pass because science needs debunking?

How ’bout bringing back the flatness of the world? Did you know it’s a scientific conspiracy to deny the Earth is the center of solar system too? We should also reinvigorate alchemy so people can be free to believe, if they just find the right stone, they will be able to transmute lead into gold. That will fix the economy.

Next, they could rule that dinosaurs lived with people thus clearing the way to make The Flintstones instruction material for high school biology. That will chase off the Darwinian vermin.

From the wire:

With hardly any debate, the state Senate on Tuesday nixed global warming restrictions on the stateís coast.

Lawmakers passed a bill that restricts local planning agenciesí abilities to use climate change science to predict sea-level rise in 20 coastal counties. The billís supporters said that relying on climate change forecasts would stifle economic development and depress property values in eastern North Carolina.

The bill has sparked outrage in some circles … Despite the controversy, it has repeatedly cleared every hurdle in the GOP-led legislature. In the Senate on Tuesday, the only comments were a few brief remarks in favor of the measure as a victory of common sense over alarmist research.

From US News:

Two Southern states have made it clear they want nothing to do with the idea of global warming.

A day after the North Carolina state senate passed a bill requiring science on rising sea levels to be ignored, Virginia lawmakers allowed a study on its coastline to begin on the state’s dime only after all references to climate change or global warming were removed from its funding proposal.

Looking to address flooding and encroaching sea water on the coast, Virginia lawmakers recommended a scientific study on the problem. When state Sen. Ralph Northam pushed the study through the legislature in February, he met resistance from Republicans who didn’t want any reference to “sea level rise” or “climate change” in its language.

“(State Rep. Chris Stolle) said ‘This isn’t going to work with “sea level rise” in there, it’s not going to go anywhere if we don’t change it’,” says Northam.

Stolle told The Virginian-Pilot those were “left wing-terms” …

And why is the Democratic Party having its convention in North Carolina? What platoon of fools think this state is going for the president in November?

Foreign readers and Americans who are not nuts will note, once again, that your country can’t say it’s a leader in anything except the quality of obstinate homegrown stupidity when half its political leadership is an enemy to science.

It also looks like there’s a disconnection of the scientific community. It knows the Republican Party is insane from top to bottom, that the insanity is contagious and that there is nothing to be done.

So they have gone silent. Which seems sensible. After all, what is actually to be done when newspapers report this as matter of fact, and all one can expect is language like “the bill has sparked outrage in some circles … “?

Go to Hell leftist commie scientists.

For those about to rock against the global warming hoaxing, we salute you!

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