More ways to use smartphones as annoyances

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It’s called Chirp, an app that sends pictures and ads by “chirping” in a room to others with it installed and enabled on their smartphones.

One man from a computer magazine burbles:

I tested the concept of using Chirp for mass communication on a live netcast this week called MacBreak Weekly.

I joined the show via Skype video all the way from Greece. To demonstrate Chirp, I held my iPhone up to the microphone, and let the app chirp a picture of my sister’s dog. People in the California studio got it instantly. They then re-chirped it, and one of the hosts of the show, himself Skyping in from Massachusetts, got the picture, as did the studio audience and the people watching the live-streaming video online. In literally a few seconds, I transmitted a photograph across the world to thousands of strangers …

By the way, If you listen to this video with Chirp running, you’ll get a picture of my sister’s dog, too.

The potential applications for Chirp are seemingly endless.

Movie studios could put chirps at the end of movie trailers to send viral marketing campaigns to the audience. After people leave the theater, they can use Chirp to share the same campaigns.

Nightclub DJs could mix chirps into their music, sending a constant stream of photos out to everyone in the room.

Kiosks could use chirps instead of Bluetooth or other short-range wireless technologies. The benefit would be much higher ease of use.

You can embed chirps with pictures, URLs, contacts or text-based notes in your phone voice-mail message.

The creators of Chirp even imagine embedded chirps in car horns and doorbells.

Readers know I detest the Cult of Smartphone, the belief that everything in the world can be solved through the development of apps for your hand-held consumer electronic bauble.

Every week, a new milestone in existence, the blind made to talk, the lame to see. An iPhone gadget to tell everyone in earshot when you’ve gone to the toilet or the people at the table over what you just ordered. Dictators will fall, unemployment will end and the 48 million people on food stamps will be able to throw them away when everyone finally has the power to Chirp with a smart phone.

You’ll be able to automatically send pictures of your sister’s dog to everyone sitting in the McDonald’s with you. Whether they care or not.

What’sa matter? You got something against sharing pictures of a nice dog?!

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