Powell Star Tortured to Death

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“A former CIA high-value detainee, who provided bogus information that was cited by the Bush administration in the run-up to the Iraq war, has died in a Libyan prison, an apparent suicide, according to a Libyan newspaper,” reported the WaPo a day or two ago.

“A researcher for Human Rights Watch, who met Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi at the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli late last month, said a contact in Libya had confirmed the death … Libi was captured fleeing Afghanistan in late 2001, and he vanished into the secret detention system run by the Bush administration. He became the unnamed source, according to Senate investigators, behind Bush administration claims in 2002 and 2003 that Iraq had provided training in chemical and biological weapons to al-Qaeda operatives.”

From DD blog, a couple weeks ago:

“[There were two men] pressured into a handy confessions which connected with the London ricin poison ring.

In Colin Powell’s slide purporting to show terror networks connected to al Qaeda in Iraq, a central spot is reserved for [one] called Detained Al-Qaida Operative. This was Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi.

“The US Senate’s Select Report on Intelligence in Iraq revealed in 2006 that the CIA informed al-Libi that he would be handed over to a foreign government if he didn’t talk. ‘[Al-Libi] decided he would fabricate any information the interrogators wanted in order to gain better treatment and avoid being handed over to [a foreign government.]’

“Nevertheless, according to the Senate report, al-Libi was also put in the hands of the foreign government. He was threatened with torture and then beaten up for fifteen minutes, after which he made up stories about al Qaida connections with Iraq, and nuclear and biological weapons programs.”

Al-Libi was held by the CIA at least as late as 2004. At one point he was apparently returned to Libya. “I wouldn’t bet big money that he was a suicide, as Libya doesn’t treat political detainees very well,” opines Ken Silverstein at Harper’s.

“It’s so fortunate for us Americans that Uncle Dick authorized the use of torture to get all the data he could out of those Islamic terrorists,” writes Jason at Armchair Generalist.

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  1. bonze said,

    May 15, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Torture: It just works!

    “But do not demand too much courage of me, more than this mortal frame can bear. No, not torture. I will say whatever you want. Better the stake at once: you die of suffocation before you burn. Not torture, like Dolcino’s. No. You want a corpse, and to have it you need me to assume the guilt for the other corpses. I will be a corpse soon in any case. And so I will give you what you want. I killed Adelmo of Otranto out of hatred for his youth and for his wit in taunting monsters like me, old, fat, squat, and ignorant. I killed Venantius of Salvemec because he was too learned and read books I did not understand. I killed Berengar of Arundel out of hatred of his library, I, who studied theology by clubbing priests that were too fat. I killed Severinus of Sankt Wendel… why? Because he gathered herbs, I, who was on Mount Rebello, where we ate herbs and grasses without wondering about their properties. In truth, I could also kill the others, including our abbot: with the Pope or with the empire, he still belongs to my enemies, and I have always hated him, even when he fed me because I fed him. Is that enough for you? Ah, no, you also want to know how I killed all those people…. Why, I killed them… let me see… by calling up the infernal powers, with the help of a thousand legions brought under my command by the art that Salvatore taught me. To kill someone it is not necessary to strike: the Devil does it for you, if you know how to command the Devil.”

    — Remigio the Cellarer, in The Name of The Rose by Umberto Eco