Tom Servo, hunger and the usual white kooks

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From the Yahoo news blog, a man-in-the-street account of people solicited for their stories on becoming poor and not being able to afford food in the failed state:

Here’s a taste of Tom Servo’s bare-bones grocery list: A few bags of dried beans. Breakfast cereal of some kind — usually whatever’s on sale. A large canister of dried oats. Lots of bananas — typically a few pounds. A bag of apples. Other miscellaneous fresh fruits and veggies — whatever’s in season and on sale.

The 29-year-old college student in Tampa, Fla., says his grocery list is written for nutrition, not taste. He sticks to bare essentials and buys in bulk. But two weeks of groceries used to cost him $50; now it’s almost $100.

For example: “I used to pay 99 cents for one pound of dried black beans; now they cost $1.49 or more. Two years ago I paid $2.39 for a 16-ounce jar of generic peanut butter; now the same peanut butter costs $3.99.”

“For the first time in my life, I’ve recently had to make a choice between groceries or some other expense,” he writes.

College student illustrates the problem with asking for personal stories tossed in over e-mail transom. Maybe “Tom Servo’s” story is true. And maybe he just wanted to see the name in print, a laff riot at the dorm.

It does not impeach the story — one that’s dire — but it doesn’t help. And just because a lot of people might not know “Tom Servo” …

“Generics and store brands have replaced Tillamook cheese, Boar’s Head meats and Laura Scudder’s peanut butter,” writes the Yahoo journalist, on an upper middle class person’s shopping list, now that they’re on foodstamps.

It is, perhaps, not the way most would or could have phrased it.

Here, a story of the small number of moderately wealthy white Americans, always white mind you, fleeing into Central America for retirement. (I vaguely know someone like this. They worked the 2010 census with me.)

The pictures of the disgruntled in their new jungle homes are worth thousands of words. The destination is Nicaragua, which not so long ago, geologically speaking, was a place of dangerous commies for these ex-voters. There, it is said by two, it will be possible to ride out a thermonuclear holocaust.

While the numbers of people are not particularly impressive, the mindset is now deadeningly familiar.

“Although Nicaragua hasn’t had good relationships with the US over the last three decades, it is a popular destination for US citizens,” it reads.

“I made it to Nicaragua … I don’t want to live in the US anymore … Obama ruins the country …Now I have my monkey, Cindy,” she says to NBC news.

“I earned good money in the US — $400,000 a year — I was a retail broker and I saw the crisis coming … We wanted to leave, we don’t like the politics of the US … Here is a safe place, safe for a nuclear war.”

“I don’t like the politics in the US and the cost of living is very high.”

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