Roscoe Bartlett’s political career ends

Posted in Crazy Weapons at 7:25 pm by George Smith

Roscoe Bartlett, the Maryland House Republican whose entire career can be almost be entirely encapsulated by the phrase — Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy — saw his political career end about fifteen minutes ago when the Washington Post called his race for a faceless Democratic Party banker, John Delaney.

Bartlett’s political career for the last twelve years, summed up, here at DD blog:

Since Roscoe Bartlett has been at his cause for so long, one might legitimately ask what is the man’s legacy?

Striking fear into people who are not particularly perceptive is one of his signal achievements … Bartlett’s unstinting work aimed at describing the total end of US civilization in an instant is particularly resonant within the Christian right …

Bartlett, who won re-election at 84 in November, has been around longer than PEZ candy, parking meters and penicillin.

However, out-of -power politicians (and you can make a good argument that Bartlett was never actually ever in any position of real power) don’t lose their membership in the cult. They just become pure lobbyists. And expand into plaguing the British.

Bartlett also has an emergent career as a grandfather to the survivalist/prepper demographic, that group of white people on the extreme right who think American civilization will soon come to a catastrophic end.

The tales of Roscoe Bartlett — from the archives.

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