Going, going, gone

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Today marks my official parting with the old Blogger version of this page. The posts from it won’t go away. But it will become the equivalent of a petrified tree.

Google Blogger will turn off FTP-publishing on May 1, perhaps sooner.

I started with the application in 2006. It seemed like a good idea for about a year and half. However, Blogger’s FTP publishing became progressively shakier and fragile.

As annoying as it was to me — as seen here — Blogger employees eventually copped to it being equally annoying to them. At which point they decided to pull the plug.

The migration to WordPress in the last month was easy. But Google Blogger’s decision put a hit on readers, as everyone who was using FTP finds out.

Favors don’t come easy, if they come at all, on the web. And you’re always under threat of being obsoleted or upgraded out of existence.

Blog readers, I’ve found, are a bit like cats. They’re not fond of changes in scenery and location. Adding a new address to ‘favorites’ or even something as simple as reading the new URL for a different page inside the domain is often a bridge too far.

In any case, by 2009 the old blog had brought in well over a quarter of a million readers. Not bad for an mix of national security, music and personal idiosyncracy postings.

For example, this completely whimsical post on Joan Jett is still serendipitously one of the old blog’s highest downloads.

It’s always neck-and-neck with Peroxide Bomb, Easy to Make.

Two distinct audiences there: One which loves rock and roll, many of them girls. And one which is into homemade bombs from the war on terror, all guys. The alpha to omega with quite a bit in between.

The old page — here — now has a permanent redirect which brings you here in five ticks. I may stretch it out a bit at a later date depending on various statistics.

Therefore, if you haven’t done so already and you are here from the redirect, reset your reading habits. Or we can agree to part, too.

The pro is that now that I’m used to not logging into Blogger, I don’t miss it. The application never figured out how to make my block quotes look good.

Old fun with Blogger.

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