Red State Cult of EMP Crazy Watching

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While there is no one in policy-making position in the current US administration who even remotely cares about electronic pulse doom or the notional threat it is said to pose, the Cult of EMP Crazy is so vigorous it has true believers all over the country.

And if there was a demographic study or poll to test the water, DD would theorize EMP Crazy — when not being exploited by the missile defense lobby — aligns with Tea Party membership and the irrational belief that the US will soon collapse from a combination of socialist tyranny, apocalyptic attack from overseas and the ruination of its currency.

EMP Crazy, as now owned by the GOP — the party of the irrational far right — seems to grow in appeal in this demographic the more ridiculous and extreme it becomes.

For today’s bit from the front lines, into this rather standard brew is popped Nicola Tesla kooky-ness and the belief that he could trigger earthquakes with electromagnetic rays. This idea, while it may sound odd and utterly nonsensical, is not uncommon in US extremism.

A little more disturbing is that the person giving the lecture — a four hour one — is employed as an emergency response specialist from the Emergency Operations Training Academy, an adjunct of the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Training Adminstration.

From a Del Norte, New Mexico, newspaper:

During a recent free seminar, a New Mexico woman explained how a single solar flare incident, or one 10-kiloton nuclear blast 300 miles in the atmosphere over the state of Kansas, could destroy a century’s worth of accumulated technology in this country.

The force created by a flare or a nuclear explosion— or even some other solar incident— is called an electromagnetic pulse, (EMP).

It would easily knock out all major power sources, land line and cell phone communications, emergency service telecommunications, erase all electronic digital data and even disable all forms of transportation dependent on any sort of electronic ignition devices.

A simple power outage could become much more once those trying to call their local utilities provider or start their car would soon discover. If a nuclear device exploded from a 300-mile distance above the earth, it would create only a brief light flash, probably unseen by most.

Virginia Silcox, a Training Specialist II with the Emergency Operations Training Academy in Albuquerque, New Mex., laid out the scenario of an immediate return to the 19th century to a small audience in Del Norte earlier this month.

During the four-hour seminar, Silcox gave a PowerPoint presentation followed by a detailed discussion and the construction of actual Farraday cages used to protect electronics … Basically the EMP attack was first known as Nicola Tesla’s death ray, Silcox said, technology some speculate was stolen from Tesla following his death in 1943.

Tesla used a little black box in his Colorado Springs laboratory in the early part of the 20th century and created an actual earthquake in the city while testing his vibration technology equipment there.

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