God Save WhiteManistan — The Agony

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Neal Caren, a sociology academic at the University of North Carolina, has posted a cool plot of “The New Secessionists” by state, with “darker colors showing higher levels of secession support.” It is here.

From the page:

It looks like the secession petition movement has peaked

We also looked at the distribution of petition signers by gender. While petition signers did not list their gender, we attempted to match first names with Social Security data on the relative frequency of names by sex. In first week, of the 302,502 respondents with gendered names, 63% had male names and 38% had female names. This 26 point gender gap is twice the size of the gender gap for voters in the 2012 Presidential election. For more recently signers, the gender gap has risen to 40 points, with male signers accounting for more than 70% of signatures since 11/20.

A newspaper in Riverside County, CA, has published some statistics taken from the UNC plot for my state’s secessionistas. The numbers are insignificant:

The 607 petitioners the students plotted in Riverside County make it one of the cooler spots on the national heat map the students produced, given the county’s 2 million-plus population.

Compare that to the 268 signers from Campbell County, Wyoming (population: 563,626) or the 125 from Blanco County, Texas (population: 10,497). It’s worth noting that even in that central Texas hot spot, only about 1 percent of the population signed on to a secession petition.

Back in California, Imperial County’s 174,528 residents were even cooler to the idea of secession than Riverside County’s. Only 13 signers could be plotted there.

A newspaper columnist from Yankton, South Dakota, is fed up with the the Pyschopath Vote’s obsession with it:

I have a pretty clear idea as to the kind of people who are seriously (and some are reportedly quite serious) looking to secede from our country …

I’ve endured such people ever since I was old enough to vote, which was back in the great Ronald Reagan tidal wave of 1980. Because I wasn’t a conservative or a Republican, I felt the sting of ridicule from individuals — ranging from local souls to national pundits — who saw no value in anything to the left of their views and who apparently believed you were either with them or against America. They damned “liberals” so often and so effectively that the term can no longer be used by the crowd that now calls themselves “progressives.” This animus has intensified in recent years, as if these people are on a crusade to purge our holy land of an un-American leftist, socialist pestilence …

The line has been drawn, and they’ve helped draw it. They will still rant about the course of our republic and those who differ from their views. But after this dubious stunt, they’re no longer qualified to complain.

Schuylkill County, PA, has 217 secessionistas. I couldn’t determine the number for Los Angeles County.

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