For Christmas, many were heartless

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Best modern American folk tune, ever.

Hours before Christmas, WhiteManistan in California showed its kindly soul:

Concern that tighter gun laws might be on the way is causing already brisk Sacramento-area gun sales to spike.

Within a handful of hours of Christmas, a steady stream of shoppers arrived at Just Guns on Auburn Boulevard and left with bullets and shells by the boxes, pistols, hunting rifles, shotguns and stun guns.

What they weren’t carrying out were AR-15 semi-automatic rifles – akin to the weapon used in the massacre at a Connecticut elementary school – and high-capacity clips.

The store didn’t have them in stock, but people were still asking. And store owner Josh Deaser said the tragedy is causing gun consumers to buy up varieties of firearms they feel might be subject to restrictions.

Closer to downtown Sacramento, Broadway Bait Rod and Gun is being inundated with calls about high-capacity rifles.

“It’s been crazy. Every third call is about AR-15s.”

Put on layaway in Sheboygan, the article read.

Many got rides on Xmas eve in Webster, New York, presumably because not enough people had guns to take out the bad guy during a gun ambush/battle, even though the police and a SWAT weren’t sufficient.


Welcome to the United States of Hate; Buy your assault gun, don’t be late.

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