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Viagra for the NRA crowd is what Frank at Pine View Farm calls WhiteManistan’s Cult of AR-15.

It’s what it boils down to. The last two weeks destroyed all the NRA’s about the goodness of being more heavily armed. Just the opposite — the more heavily armed a certain minority white part of the populace is, one with problems ranging from insecurity over virility, paranoia about the non-white guy living in the White House (and everyone else) and an increasingly toxic ideology in which they see themselves as the last patriots to defend the country, the more certainty there will be slaughters in the future.

The selling and “panic buying” of Bushmasters has been height of morally reprehensible and irresponsible behavior during the holiday season.

There was a killing in Portland, the big one in Newtown, and the one the day before Christmas in Webster, New York, all employing the same assault rifle. And what happened? Sales of it and huge ammo clips went through the roof because the right-to-be-heavily-armed crowd was most concerned about not having them, not the substantial problem they, the National Rifle Association and manufactures of civilian assault rifles have created for everyone else.

And we know that since the incidence of violent behavior and mental illness is not zero in this gun buying white male part of the populace, somewhere, in the future, perhaps not soon, one or two or perhaps three of the weapons bought in the current surge of “panic buying” will turn up in another mass killing.

From the Charleston Gazette:

Fewer Americans want guns, according to researchers at the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey.

Yet gun sales are sky-high. How can that be? The explanation apparently is that the minority who are gun owners buy ever-more weapons, creating arsenals.

Strangely, some owners think the firepower makes them more manly.

From Minnesota:

The Duluth News Tribune Reports that Duluth-area firearm dealers are seeing a high demand for Armalite, or “ARs.”

“Every time Obama opens his mouth, I sell more of them,” said Scott Van Valkenburg, owner of Fisherman’s Corner in Pike Lake, Minn., in a News Tribune article “It’s getting hard to find them, but we still have a few on the shelf. … I know a few distributors who can still get them for me, at least for now. The more they talk about banning them, the more they sell and the harder they get to find.”

From LaGrange, GA:

Allen said that almost every five minutes his store receives a call about AR-15s. The AR-15 is a common assault weapon, and the federal government has discussed the possibility of banning such weapons and enforcing stricter gun laws. Since the recent attack, the demand for AR-15s have been high across the nation, according to Allen. FMJ does not expect to get anymore in, due to the country’s high demand for them.

Allen does not think that stricter gun laws will have an affect on decreasing gun violence.

“Most crimes are done with illegally obtained guns.” said Allen. “And if the government takes away guns, people will have no way to defend themselves,

Southern Shooters on New Hutchinson Mill Road has sold about 100 guns since Newtown’s massacre, up drastically from the normal eight to ten guns sold per week. Southern Shooters had sold the last of their five AR-15s between the Dec. 14 attack and last Tuesday.

In New Jersey:

There’s been a run on AR-15s at gun stores, too.

“I normally sell about 15-20 a month. I’ve sold about 30 in the last three days,” said Rick Friedman, who owns RTSP in Randolph, N.J.

Fifteen or twenty a month, alone, would strike many as a glaring symptom of a lethal for others group mental disease.

Welcome to the United States of Mean
We’ll equip you now with an AR-15

If you’re into slaughters and lethal devices
America’s the best of choices

Welcome to the United States of Pain
Our national color is a bloodstain
But if your check, your money’s — green
Hey, no problem, have an AR-15!

We do dances, brand new dances
For the glory and gun romances
Groans, moans, many grave stones

Plus we got lots of crazy people …

[Guest vocal, Ted]: Suck on my machine guns!

Welcome to the United States of Hate
Buy your assault gun, don’t be late!
If you like shootings and tragedy
America’s the best, wait, you’ll see.

We do dances, brand new dances
For the glory and gun romances
Groans, moans, many grave stones

Plus we got lots of crazy people …

[Guest vocal, Ted]: Suck on my machine guns!

Welcome to the United States of Shit
If you’re looking for heart, we ain’t got one bit.

In this country, life is cheap
But it comes with all the creeps.

[Guest vocal, Ted]: Suck on my machine guns!

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