Looked like a biker gang

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From Classic Rock magazine, 2005:

The Highway Kings? Sounds like a biker gang. Looks like one, too. Sort of, yeah. In an era when ‘biker metal’ was more career choice than lifestyle (see Little Caesar, Two-Bit Thief, Junkyard, Tattoo Rodeo etc), Destiny and his filthy few actually lived like demented speedfreak outlaws in the junk belt of eastern Pennsylvania, playing their chariotchoogling motorcycle boogie mostly for third-stage alcoholics and lot lizards. More at home opening for downwardspiralling bloozesters – Robin Trower, Pat Travers et al – they often found themselves on freak-show double bills with strange bedfellows such as all-girl motor-metalmamas Cycle Sluts From Hell or spazzpoppers Ween, and the end result was frequently brawls, blood and spilled booze. Sometimes even on purpose.

Wait – did they just punch people, or were they an actual band? They were a band that punched people. Destiny was a smart-alecky writer and fledgling badass on a wild search for kicks in mid-80s Reagan America. He recruited a short-order cook with marital problems and an auto-body painter from the local trailer park to round out his vision of hard rock greaseball skullfuckery, and together they bashed out epics of manly fuzz rock, such as Arrogance (1986) and Brutality (1988), that sounded like the Nuge and the Godz kicking the guts out of Tyranny And Mutation -era Blue Öyster Cult.

Did anybody care (besides you)? Crazily, they got lots of hot press from unlikely publications such as Creem and Spin , and plenty of college radio airplay. Which did them no good, because they sounded like Blue fucking Öyster Cult.

Let me guess – they ran out of gas. The band finally dissolved in a haze of cigarette smoke and salty tears at a pancake house somewhere off Interstate 78, in late 1991. We don’t know if Jesus wept, but certainly a few ageing, floppytitted BÖC groupies did. Five years later, the chicken-wire rock dive that made them local legends, The 4G’s in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, ‘mysteriously’ burned to the ground, effectively dooming any chance of a reunion. Destiny rolls on, however, most recently as a caustic rock journalist for The Village Voice and as a founding member of Uncle Sam and the JDAMs, whose album Iraq ’N’ Roll should be available soon.

Actually, the idea was to look like the James Gang ca. Rides Again, which we did.

And if you listen to “China Toilet Blooz,” I still do the early Seventies heavy guitar rock trip.

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