WhiteManistan TV: America’s Got Insurrectionist Talent

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Brought to you by the WhiteManistan Bureau of Tourism and Shopping.

You’ll never go broke pandering to the worst in America. Or, it never ceases to surprise how far one can get with so little up top. Half a million views, “recommended” by YouTube after play of the anthem I specifically wrote for them, “Suck on My Machine Gun.”

Reminding everyone that the “it” gift this past Xmas was an AR-15 and boxes of ammo.

The big news in the mainstream was Alex Jones on CNN during the Orange Bowl, the only mitigating factor being that the TV audience was primarily on football.

Jones, like Ted Nugent, is an IQ test that works on many levels. If you deal with him, you flunk. If you go on his show, the same.

The CNN disaster is easily Google’d. But Media Matter has the best summary here:

CNN’s Piers Morgan hosted noted radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to discuss his petition to deport Morgan because of his views on gun control. Jones is a 9/11 truther who has a history of inflammatory and baseless remarks … Jones’ lengthy history of pushing absurd conspiracy theories should disqualify him from being mainstreamed on media outlets such as CNN.

In a coincidentally related matter, John McAfee — who has apparently abandoned efforts to bring his hooker lovers to America — appeared on Alex Jones to push his conspiracy theory that Hezbollah is using the country of Belize (and Nicaragua) to launder terrorists and ricin powder as a weapon of mass destruction into the US.

“They are mass-producing ricin powder for trans-shipment into the United States,” says McAfee. “This is not a joke.”

“They are manufacturing it by the ton,” McAfee insists. A kilogram of it, dispensed over New York, will kill everyone, he tells Jones. “[They’re making] enough to kill every man, woman and child on the planet.”

“If there is a rye-a-sin attack, the government will take my guns and squeeze my wife’s breast,” Jones tell McAfee. “If this happens, you sir will be a key person.”

John McAfee, however, did not count on the greater news impact of Jones going off on CNN in primetime. The big time lunatic trumped the millionaire ex-antivirus king and pathological liar.

At McAfee Associates, this morning, more hair is being pulled out, more molars ground.

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