The grease stain named Pete Hoekstra

Posted in Cyberterrorism at 4:12 pm by George Smith

Pete Hoekstra was a Republican congressman for eighteen years. In that time he accomplished nothing. He did achieve a reputation as fool, wrong about everything, until 2010 when he left his political career in the House.

Hoekstra ran for governor of Michigan in 2010 and lost. He ran for Senator in 2012 and lost. The latter run was notable only for a racist ad he bought for the Super Bowl.

In 2006, Hoekstra was also briefly in the news, and on DD blog radar, for flaunting a peculiar map, pictured above, that tried to make the case al Qaeda was everywhere in the United States.

Osama bin Laden, insisted Hoekstra in a ludicrous speech on the matter, was much like Max DePree, a business leader virtually no one has heard of, an American entrepreneur who allegedly really knew how to get things done and a mentor of Hoekstra’s.

From DD blog:

In a rambling, sometimes unintentionally nutty speech, Hoekstra warmed to his subject: how al Qaeda must have read from the work of his mentor, Max DePree, CEO/Chairman of Herman Miller Corp.(a manufacturer of office furniture), who wrote the books “Leadership Jazz” and “Leadership is an Art.”

Al Qaeda was nimble, entrepreneurial and agile. It ran its business of terror along the advice of DePree and had good bosses who empowered their employees …

In 2010, near the end of his House career, Hoekstra was again a minor figure in the news for accepting the Islamo-o-phobe “Team B” report which insisted shariah law was slowly taking over the US justice system.

Summing up, Pete Hoekstra is a bigot and a fool, someone without even the sense to be trusted to do the right thing with a rake and a pumpkin-colored leaf bag in the fall. Now he is warehoused as “a senior adviser in Dickstein Shapiro’s Public Policy & Law Practice,” according to a biographical line.

Which, one supposes, makes him perfect for burnishing his reputation as a minor public nuisance, abetted by the editorial staff of Politico, with the recent opinion piece entitled, “The looming certainty of a cyber Pearl Harbor.”

Poor, even as shoeshine’s low standards. There are many now much better at it than Hoekstra, who presumably didn’t write the thing, anyway.

It reads:

America must not wait for a cyber Pearl Harbor to take action. It is time to recognize how serious the problem is …

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