Industry of fear

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Art, from the Chicago Tribune.

Castor plant, not quite a mile from me, in Pasadena.

Still another.

And another.


It’s not hard finding castor plants in Pasadena. What’s hard is dealing with the consequences of the industry of fear.

Why should there be a vaccine? The castor powder in the recent incident, described as the result of throwing seeds in a blender, was of no consequence in terms of capability as a weapon.

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  1. Mike Ozanne said,

    April 30, 2013 at 6:37 am

    I rather think that the powers that be rather enjoy having a WMD to scare the public into bigger budgets and more powers with, that doesn’t actually deliver on the MD part. If they did the honest thing and told all us poor folks that Ricin couldn’t be used to develop an effective area weapon; and that all those Jihadi nutters could cause more public outrage with their poor fashion sense. Well then we might actually want to see some intelligently targeted, cost effective counter-terror work.

    Also once it was official that Ricin, and indeed most of the bio weps, nerve gas and dirty bomb proposals are pretty much busted. That might lead the sons of the desert into AMFO, peroxide derivative, and ballistic propellant based devices. Hopefully though they would take counsel of our fears and throw their nefarious activities into a cyberwarfare campaign…..