Where were you when the C02 level blew past 400 ppm?

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Imminent Catastrophe at 8:34 am by George Smith

Why, living under the perpetual smog column from the superhighway that bisects my beloved Pasadena!

And Thursday is the morning for four hours of apartment complex leaf blower action.

A new acquaintance recently visited Pasadena for a national convention of art museum librarians. The weather, as usual, was great and she remarked in a message to me that being very fair, she was going to put on sun block before hitting Colorado.

I told her not to worry much about sunburn. In twenty years, I’ve never been sunburned anywhere within a mile of the highway, at best, reddened a little. Can’t happen. In the middle of summer, average days, the mountain disappears. Reflective particulates, an invisibility cloak.

Now, Santa Barbara — on the other hand. Fifteen minutes anytime after 11:00 am, fried.

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