As The Bean Turns

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White trash, stupidity, castor beans and the recipe for ricin as soap opera, granting first shot at book deal, movie or tv tie-ins and fifteen minutes of fame to nobodies only in the news for dumb perversity.

From the wire (taken with no backlink, network news infinite load page):

The husband of a pregnant actress, accused of sending poison-laced letters to President Obama and then trying to frame him for the crime, says it’s “heartbreaking” to think that his spouse implicated him, but he harbors no anger and hopes to move on with his life.

“The way I look at it, being angry is a waste of energy,” Nathaniel Richardson told ABC News. “She has done this to herself. She has destroyed my reputation and my life but there’s a way up from this and if I sit here and focus on anger, I can’t focus on getting on with my life.”

“I’m sitting there thinking I don’t even know what ricin is,” Nathaniel Richardson said. “I wasn’t even saying it right at first. I was calling it licin. Really, everything I’ve learned about it I’ve learned from [the FBI].”

Meanwhile, Nathaniel Richardson says there’s nothing left in his marriage to love.

“The person she was wasn’t real,” he said. “Just couldn’t believe it. Heartbreaking.”

Shannon Richardson’s attorney said overnight in a statement to ABC News, “I have seen no evidence to even suggest that my client desired to hurt the president or any of the other individuals involved. She is incarcerated for the first time in her life. Her primary concern remains her children and the trauma they are experiencing.”

First baby to come from ricin family, ever.

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