Part of the legitimate rape caucus

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Joined with the electromagnetic pulse caucus in the House.

Trent Franks, famous last week for being part of the zoo of barely sentient animals from The Pit, aka GOP crackpots who opine on rape, in Politico:

“[Electromagnetic pulse] has the potential to be the ultimate cybersecurity threat because it can take our source of power completely away from us.???

Newt Gingrich was in town to prop Franks up in yet another run at legislation to fund the defending of the country from EMP doom.

And, naturally, no story on Gingrich and the Cult of EMP Crazy is ever complete without mentioning “One Second After,” the novel on electromagnetic pulse catastrophe come to America, a book that remarkably catalyzed the creation of hundreds of unreadable vanity novels made through Amazon’s CreateSpace. All done by the right wing demographic of white hoarders and arms stockpilers known as preppers.


A science fiction novel called “One Second After??? told a cautionary tale of the doomsday scenario that would unfold if such an attack hit the U.S., frying electrical circuits and knocking out power. In the introduction to the book, Gingrich suggested that an EMP attack would “throw all of our lives back to an existence equal to that of the Middle Ages.???

“Millions would die in the first week alone,??? he wrote in the foreword of the novel released in 2009.

Trent Franks, last week.

For reference, The Pit.

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