SCOTUS unleashes Lee Atwater political activism

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This is an excerpt explaining the southern sentiment, taken from Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story.

Boogie Man shows how Atwater motivated the white vote through use of the Nixonian southern strategy of fear of the black man. It put the first Bush in the White House, later providing the framework to unleash GWB on the US.

With WhiteManistan in demographic decline, this week’s SCOTUS decision crippling the Voting Rights Act unleashed the worst of the Deep Southern sentiment on the non-white and poor in every state currently under GOP and Tea Party control since the 2010 elections.

The GOP viscerally understands it can enact predatory laws targeting its enemies faster than US “democracy” can undo them.

One can look at it as being able to wage Civil War 2 without instigating the casus belli of firing on Fort Sumter or assaulting African Americans on Pettus Bridge.

In the United States, the Republican Party threatens the security of many average Americans, daily. In the south, no time was wasted after the Supreme Court ruling into getting to it.

I recommend Boogie Man because it so well illustrates how the grinding bigot animosity of the South made true political power all over the country.

And while it’s people are slowly running out of their time, it has not gone away, still posing a very clear threat to progress and a genuinely civilized nation.

Trivia note: Yes, that’s the Boogie Man in “Ricin Mama.

Right on time, from Ted Nugent’s column at World Net Daily:

Chronic stupidity is killing our republic. The gravest problem our republic faces: Stupid people vote …

The Founding Fathers surely must have forgotten to include a provision in our Constitution to prohibit stupid people from voting, or maybe people back then were more informed and responsible and not as stupid as they are today.

So now, a gaggle of stupid senators from both parties is trying to push some stupid immigration reform bill that, if signed into law, will ultimately make tens of millions of non-American criminals U.S. citizens …

The Republicans who support making criminals citizens want cheap criminal labor. The Democrats want the criminal votes. Meanwhile, those Americans addicted to common sense will be strangled and drowned with insurmountable new debt due to the crushing demand by these “new” Americans on our social welfare system, which is already broke and unsustainable.

The bigot’s bigot puts his best foot forward, as usual.

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