WhiteManistan and Climate Science

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It doesn’t believe in it.

Courtesy of Steven Aftergood at Secrecy blog, we can look at an excerpt from the recent Congressional Research Service report, “Science and Technology Issues in the 113th Congress,” here.

WhiteManistan has no use for science on most any subject because it always tends to be inconvenient to its crabbed world view.

And since WhiteManistan has paralyzed Congress by understanding how to stifle all change from a minority position, the Congressional Research Service is left in an odd position for this report.

Bluntly stated, there can be no legislation on climate change in the 113th Congress. There can be no debate in Congress any more than a person can have an intelligent conversation with the bottom of their shoe.

Nevertheless, the report diplomatically attempts to summarize what is known about climate change and how inharmonious opinion from WhiteManistan means for the legislative body.

“Debate on appropriate federal policies is fueled by differing levels of confidence among Members and the public … Few scientists dispute that the climate is changing … Over the long run, not addressing human contribution to the causes of climate fluctuations and their consequences could set up costly, even catastrophic risks and challenges,” it reads. “Most experts conclude from evidence and computer modeling that human activities have driven most of the global warming observed since the 1970s …”

This is as close as we could ever hope to get to a CRS report stating:

“The GOP is an extremist collection of anti-science douche-bags whose group actions prevent the country from moving forward on the problem of global warming.”

The President knows this, too. And this is why he signaled that he intended to undertake unilateral action on the issue this week.

WhiteManistan immediately reacted with cries on job destruction and government tyranny.

Steven Aftergood’s Secrecy blog, along with other recent CRS reports, is here.

This has been another in a now frequent series of postings discussing the security threat WhiteManistan poses to the future of Americans.

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