The Piffle of Cyberwar

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More junk war journalism: The most powerful nation in history is planning to toss a cruise missile volley into one of the world’s most miserable places but an alleged “Syrian” hacker attack has been plaguing the New York Times. Fuckin’ ay!

Syria’s cyberattack: First wave of a bigger war?

CNN — Server Not Found — Those three ominous words — especially for an organization in the highly competitive news business — were seen on computer screens nationwide as customers tried to access The New York Times website this week. The newspaper’s site was crippled for more than 20 hours. A notorious group of hackers called the Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility. Beyond the crippling of one high-profile newspaper website, the incident has people asking broader questions about U.S. cybersecurity: How vulnerable are U.S. websites to attack? Who are our potential cyberenemies? Is there more to come? The answers aren’t comforting: Computer and homeland security experts now warn of a broader cyberwar if the U.S. launches military strikes on Syria.

Heavens, they’ll strike back with cyberwar — “asymmetric warfare.”

Asymmetric warfare, one of the great defense industry weasel phrases of our times, invented by the Department of Defense to describe what kind of attacks all countries and groups that spend less money on their military forces than the US are said to be up to. The perceptive will grasp this defines every other country and group in the world. Combined.

All the Davids, always plotting and thinking of ways to strike the Goliath with their slingshots.

The US has the biggest cyberwar machine in the world, along with the most powerful military, period.

And two certified idiots — journalists at CNN — are today writing about the national threat said to be illustrated by a petty hack of the newspaper of record.

It’s worth adding there’s little to no evidence the “Syrian Electronic Army” is even Syrian.

Yeah, boy howdy!

We’re about to smash them with 200 cruise missiles but think of the horror of cyberattacks on us!?

Mein Gott! Has all honor been lost!

Anyway, I had no trouble reading the NYT on-line this week. Musta been the 20 hours when I was in a coma.

Actually, not everyone saw error messages or suffered problems, mileage varied. But cyberwar, people, look out!

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