Two years ago

Posted in Cancer at 1:29 pm by George Smith

It was two years ago — on 9/11 — that my friend Don was given a bad diagnosis.

Together with a friend we met at the Huntington Gardens to walk and talk and try to divine the future. This time of year brings fine weather to Pasadena. Today is just like then, exceptional, and it is a wonderful place to gather. And I will be outside this afternoon, looking at nature’s beauty.

We sat and talked about what was coming, having soft drinks, making contingency plans, imagining that at some point we’d get back to the gardens under better circumstances. But four months later he was dead.

We couldn’t tell there were no more chips to cash in, that time was almost gone. Hope was entertained and it was a good if very bittersweet day. We didn’t know it would never be the same again.

That’s my 9/11 anniversary memory. It has replaced the other one. It has more meaning.

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