Food stamp surfin’

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If you’ve been wondering about what’s behind part of the GOP hate party on food stamps, it’s outrage over Jason Greenslate, a San Diego surfer with a hard rock band called RattLife, who has an EBT card.

Fox News made a special example of him and the GOP has been using video of Greenslate to inflame people with the implication the SNAP program has expanded because of alleged moochers like the “beach bum.”

“You can no longer sit on your couch or ride a surfboard like Jason in California and expect the federal taxpayer to feed you,” said Kansas GOPer Tim Huelskamp when the House food stamp cuts were voted up last week.

Greenslate, who cooperated with Fox in hopes of getting publicity for RattLife: “I do work. I’m just not making any money. I’m setting up a career for myself.”

Darrell “Benghazi” Issa of California delivered this unintentionally amusing quote: “Clearly it’s an example of somebody using a government program that is unreasonable, considering he has chosen to make less money and is using public assistance for a lifestyle decision … He obviously is anticipating being very rich later and not paying back the money.”

Getting rich playing in a rock band, yeah, that happens so easily.

Anyway, this is a standard right wing media trick — finding one person getting a detested government benefit, in this case, a food stamp recipient, ideally in a blue state, someone most offensive to WhiteManistan. And Jason Greenslate is certainly that. His band, Rattlife can be found on YouTube.

Rattlife is an 80s-90s Guns n Roses in Hollywood style-act and the videos are worth checking out for the comments alone, now made by the terminally enraged in WhiteManistan who seem to think if they get angry enough, they can will Greenslate out of existence or, at least, maybe get him arrested.

:I don’t think that one person [in a Fox News story] should be the decision for 47 million people [on food stamps],” Greenslate told the media today, which is certainly a sensible statement.

There’s another reality here, unstated. Job opportunities and wages are so poor in southern California that if Jason Greenslate worked the kind of more traditional “jobs” actually available, like wait staff at Starbucks, he’d still be eligible for the SNAP program, anyway.

I like Jason Greenslate and because he so pisses off the party of extremists who have used him in a right wing media gotcha, you should like him, too.

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