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Did you know that you can be unqualified for even the most elementary and miserly jobs on Jeff Bezos’ Mechanical Turk? Yes, you might be so lacking you can’t even be an automaton.

Proven again and again, you can apply for human intelligence tasks on Bezos’ digital work bazaar, none of which earn over a dollar and most much less, and find yourself unqualified for any number of reasons from demographic data to the general condition of your MTurk profile.

You can apply for jobs that bluntly state they will take anywhere from half an hour to an hour to complete, never for more than a dollar, and be told in menacing terms that if you do not answer correctly all of a number of trick questions embedded in the task to guarantee the worker is paying attention, you will not be paid. If you answer one of these questions wrong, even by mistake, you are dead.

You can figure out the hourly rate of pay yourself.

Bezos’ smiling face is frequently in the news. He’s lauded as someone who bought the Washington Post and will turn his mighty wealthy tech brain to solving the problems of American journalism. However, it is more helpful to remember Bezos’ big accomplishments are the global digital emulation of the Walmart business model and sharing economy sweat-shop operation. Plus, for well over a decade, Bezos has received the sweet deal of a huge government subsidy, delivered in the guise of escape from sales taxes levied on Amazon goods.

Some economists have even calculated the amount. Writes Dean Baker, “Amazon and Bezos effectively got a subsidy from taxpayers of more than $1.7 billion last year … This was a year in which Amazon recorded a small loss.”

Baker states that the subsidy to the Bezos empire dwarfs Amazon’s profits. He goes further, “[Amazon’s] sales tax exemption vastly exceeds the company’s cumulative profits. This raises the question of whether Amazon would even exist today without the generosity of taxpayers in being willing to subsidize Amazon’s business.”

Have you ever received such gifts?

What Jeff Bezos tech brain is perfect at is constructing and leveraging networked digital tools for corkscrewing others. Mechanical Turk, boiled down, is nothing more than use of desperation in labor and no oversight in creation of a free-lance workforce not even protected by the faintest concept of a minimum wage.

All of it in turn allows Bezos to turn his wealth to vanity projects, like the expedition that recovered the old Apollo 13 Saturn V engine. There is little that tech industry smarts and innovation cannot accomplish! With 100 more Jeff Bezoses, or maybe twice that, surely America would be an amazing place.

I forgot to mention Bezos is the true blue tech industry libertarian, interested in space flight, space hotels and colonization and the clock that’s supposed to run for thousands of years. Perhaps Bezos should be made Minister of Interstellar Exploration or the Secretary of Global and Forward Thinking Minds.

Remember, Kindle, the best thing since the vaccine for polio, too.

On Mechanical Turk Bezos invented the ineradicable “rejected” black mark for twenty cent jobs which fail to please the employer. He invented one click shopping on Amazon. In addition, he has Amazon running two tax avoidance/profit shifting shell companies in Luxembourg or Lichtenstein, one of the L’s.

He helped create the industry for fake book reviews. And this is a remarkable chart of Bezos’ great success, becoming one of the country’s wealthiest tech men while constantly losing money. It is surely worth a Nobel prize.

Originally, from Statista.

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1. Yep, Facebook is still a world of suck. But to paraphrase something from the Matrix, there are diminished conditions we’re willing to endure.

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