Neo-Nazi Ricin Kook EMP Crazy: Musta been a barrel of laughs at the backyard party

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DD’s artist’s conception of how ricin is recommended for use in the Poor Man’s James Bond.

England has neo-Nazis, too.

And one in the news now, Ian Davison, is an average example of a similar genus found in the US: A white supremacist who trolls the net for mayhem manuals, cobbling together home-made weapons based on notes from old US neo-Nazi/survivalist literature.

The Northern Echo newspaper reports in ‘Keyboard warriors or threat to the republic’:

IAN and Nicky Davison posted offensive racist material on their website over a long period of time, but it was when they showed footage of a homemade bomb being detonated that police moved in to arrest them.

It was only then that the potentially deadly store of ricin was found in Ian Davisonís home.

The trial at Newcastle Crown Court heard much debate about whether the pair were simply ďkeyboard warriors??? or whether they posed a genuine threat to the public.


In public, Ian Davison was an unemployed lorry driver and part-time pub DJ.

In private, he was the founder and leader of the Aryan Strike Force, described in court by Matthew Feldman, of the University of Northampton, as believing itself to be: ďThe pinnacle and most uncompromising of the neo- Nazi groups in the UK.???

Police believe the pair were in touch with about 300 neo- Nazis across the globe, as far afield as Canada and Australia.

Davison posted racist messages on his website and also placed several videos on You Tube, including a four-and-ahalf minute tribute to Adolf Hitler, who he described as ďa true hero of the white race???.

But the posts on the Aryan Strike Force website were becoming more sinister.

One showed footage of what appeared to be a paramilitarystyle training camp in a forest in Cumbria, which featured men wearing balaclavas and combat fatigues, parading through the woods carrying swastikas.


When police raided Nicky Davisonís home in Annfield Plain, County Durham, they discovered a number of terrorist manuals on his computer, including the Anarchistsí Cookbook, which detailed how to make bombs, and the Poor Manís James Bond, which included details on how to make incendiary devices, poisons and even napalm.

There was also evidence the pair had researched the creation of an electromagnetic pulse bomb, which disables computer systems


THE ricin discovered in Ian Davisonís home was an unrefined sludge [the grind of castor seeds] but, say police, was still capable of killing up to 15 people.

Traces of the deadly toxin were discovered in a sealed jam jar inside Davisonís Myrtle Grove home in June last year Ė the only time the poison has been discovered in the UK.

It is thought the ricin had been produced in 2006 and had remained undisturbed in Davisonís kitchen ever since.

Although it was fairly crude and had not undergone the purification necessary to turn it into an effective weapon [and so on]…

Ian and his father face a long time in prison.

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