News you can’t use on the state of the nation

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 12:26 pm by George Smith

How much have things changed since Barack Obama took office at the start of economic collapse? Not a whole lot.

The alleged jobs to have, those craved by employers, are the same then as now. Degrees in finance and computer programming, all for fueling the pace at which inequality is increasing, people adept at moving money around globally, and those who make the software that reduces everyone else to penury.

At Yahoo.

Oh yeah, plus one tacked on at the end that doesn’t nearly pay as well — a community college certificate in dental assisting. Scrape teeth for 13 dollars an hour or maybe less.

A future of bedpan technicians, 2011:

Financial examiner jobs require a college degree. Big deal. The present job market may desire financial examiners but the idea that an army of them will lead to future progress is deluded.

And filling the territory with platoons of dental hygienists and occupational therapy assistants isn’t an answer for anything except maintaining clean teeth in people with health plans and, as for the second, c’mon. We’re going to innovate our way back into the lead with people trained to rehabilitate those who’ve had strokes and fractured hips?

As mentioned last week, this country doesn’t lack for human capital. It lacks vision and the desire to do something with it because it’s far simpler to run an entrenched vulture economy.

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