Last chance

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:24 pm by George Smith

I’ve been overcome by the support readers have given me and Escape from WhiteManistan blog over the holiday. It has been wonderful. It compels me to say, and more later, that I’ll strive to keep giving you the high standard, or at least idiosyncrasy, you’ve come to expect.

As with all the rest of the on-line labors of love, blandishments in my mail box, time is running out on the year. It’s still possible to throw in a few pennies.

Whether or not, I still wish you a Happy New Year!

Make sure you see today’s final rundown of rant and analysis. And do read “Slap Shot and the 40 year slump.”

Longer than the standard post, I spent time on it trying to make it a little more special.

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