Sad anniversary

Posted in Cancer at 5:04 pm by George Smith

It was two years ago today that Don Hunt, my friend, died. Surrounded by friends, he slipped away over the course of a day much like today in Pasadena. Warm and sunny, even a little more so than usual for this time of year.

This New Year’s I had the duty of writing to two of his old acquaintances back in Virginia. Colleagues of his at the Virginian-Pilot, they’d had Christmas cards returned-to-sender for the last two years and were trying to find out what had happened.

They searched the web and found his memorial, here, which led them to me.
And so I wrote them a condensed form of his last days, adding that he often spoke fondly of his old life back in Virginia.

The college football season, something we both enjoyed together, is wrapped up. In the two years since Don’s passing, it’s been a bit hard for his beloved Texas Longhorns.

I wonder what he would have thought of coach Mack Brown’s resignation and the end of era in which Don was at the Rose Bowl to see his team defeat USC for the national championship?

No, I do know what he would have thought: To everything, there is an end.

Today will always be a sad anniversary. But also one on which I and some friends look at a picture and remember the good and loving.

We released part of his ashes near a tidal pool on the beach in Santa Barbara. I can see it clearly still. Today, it was sunny there, too.

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