The Poor Man’s Jimi Hendrix — sold out!

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll at 8:48 am by George Smith

Sold out at CD Baby, but promised to be ‘back in stock soon,’ the Anthony Aquarius Mystery’s debut record, Nocturnal Visit — now discovered fresh at the ago of four, is a certified hoot, easily eclipsing the Albert Schroeder Experience’s debut from a couple years ago.

A mix of Velvet Jones lover man guitar and vocal soul, it has the bona fide Sixties sound. Although it might have been tricky getting the radio to play “She’s All Sheep” — my personal favorite, and “Love Bathed Experience.”

“Anthony Aquarius has had an amazing career and journey of life,” reads the blurb. “He has played from coast to coast, recorded in Switzerland, played the ‘Chiterlin Circuit.’

A somewhat baffling but charming video set to an Anthony Aquarius original is here.

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