Rich Man’s Burden: “I think we are beginning class warfare”

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 3:20 pm by George Smith

About time, too, since the rest of us have been on the losing end for as long as I can remember.

Tom Perkins’ interview on Bloomberg is as good as example of digging yourself in deeper as one is likely to see.

Perkins: “I am your classical self-made man, if you will.”

Later, the interviewer asks: “Do you worry that you are divorced from reality?”

It’s a long interview. Impromptu of nothing except a complaint lodged against Paul Krugman at the Times, Perkins gets slightly testy about people making fun of opulent watches for assholes and displays his own, stating … well, you have to hear it. Or watch this brief Bloomberg piece on YouTube showcasing his fine example and uploaded to maximize the awful spectacle of the Perkins interview.

Updating readers on old information: Perkins sold the Maltese Falcon super-sailing boat a few years ago because he was more interested in his “underwater airplane” which proved difficult to launch from the thing.

In it’s place he bought the Dr. No and it is all explained with grand pictures at the link.

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