State of the Union: Worse

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 3:55 pm by George Smith

The President is alleged to be going populist in a few hours for tonight’s address. I expect that if so, at best, it will be tepid, carefully pressed and laundered to reassure WhiteManistan and the wealthy.

It won’t matter. Before the thing is over they’ll have accused him of feeding class warfare, anyway.

“Mean Future” was made before he was re-elected. All of it was true. Two other things happened one very bad, one very good.

There are more long-term unemployed and people with jobs on food stamps now than then. Many having just given up on finding work because the economy isn’t creating them.

But Obamacare is working and more people are getting health care for the first time, at least from my experience.

Still very timely, they underline American delusion about place in the world and a resistance to recognition of increasingly bleak conditions.

Nothing has changed. When the issues can be easily communicated in two and four minute tunes, it’s stunning to see people tip-toeing around the edges in their efforts to seem fair and non-threatening.

Yes, I know the rent is steep/But the whores and beer are really cheap! (Pennsy Dutch accent: Evy-sing’s all right!)

Krugman blogs:

My post on Americans starting to recognize class realities has brought some predictable reactions, which I’d place under two headings: (1) “But they have cell phones!” and (2) it’s about how you behave, not how much money you have …

A lot of Americans — quite arguably a majority — just don’t have the prerequisites for middle-class life as we’ve always understood it …

The sad thing is that our fetishization of the middle class, our pretense that we’re almost all members of that class, is a major reason so many of us actually aren’t. That’s why the growing appreciation of class realities on the part of the public is a good thing; it raises the chances that we’ll actually start creating the kind of society we only pretend to have.

He’s talking, again, about American delusion. Look, it’s hard to admit you’re near the bottom and prospects are dim.

As for possession of cellphones, or more accurately, even smartphones: Have they been magic wands to economic empowerment?

Rhetorical. Arguably not, or you’d see it. If you live and shop where I do you certainly don’t. Almost everyone has a smartphone and they still need help with the food bills, insurance and keeping the car running, if they have one.


  1. Bill said,

    January 30, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    “As for possession of cellphones, or more accurately, even smartphones: Have they been magic wands to economic empowerment?”

    Spend time in the comments section of Zero Sludge and you would discover that whole Obamaphone meme is the complete destruction of the American system. After all, if you give stuff to the ‘Free Shit Army’ as they refer to anyone who is less fortunate than themselves, these FSA types will then vote Democratic party forever and then the free stuff will continue to flow to the FSA forever.

    Of course the logic of the little fact that the destruction of the economy for up to 99% of the population only guarantees that the numbers in the FSA will continue to swell, giving the Democratic party a virtual permanent lock on government forever, which will ultimately destroy America, seems to escape these posters.

    And for these Zero Sludge posters, their logic is so impeccable as to be self evident to everyone except those who might umm think occasionally….

  2. George Smith said,

    January 31, 2014 at 9:24 am

    It’s the same with Obamacare. The Medicaid expansion, of which I am now a beneficiary in not-WhiteManistan, is just like the “Obamaphone,” the latter which is now just a code word for white bigots.

    When people get health insurance under the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and find it works they will want to keep it. Then some begin to wonder why their right-wing fascist dressed-up-as-a-libertarian legislator is doing all he or she can to stop it. An NYT pundit did a column on it this very week and I’ll probably link to it later today.

    The total dislike of what the GOP is and stands for then becomes a personal matter. One realizes they really are out to stick it to you in WhiteManistan, all the while yammering about tyranny, being for “the people,” and “freedom.”