Iran test run for electromagnetic pulse doom

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From the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy:

Iran’s surprising decision to move warships off the Atlantic coast poses a potential catastrophic threat to America from a nuclear or electromagnetic pulse attack, according to an expert who foresaw Iran’s move …

Peter Pry said the ships are probably conducting a test for a future visit from an Iranian freighter that would launch the attack.

I think the Iranian Navy patrols off our coasts may be intended to lull us into complacency, to get the U.S. Navy accustomed to an Iranian naval presence in our hemisphere, so eventually they could contribute to ‘Zero Hour’ and the great day when the Mullahs decide to drop the nuclear hammer on America,??? said Pry, who staffed a former congressional EMP commission.

From last week, here:

Or perhaps they will be sending this [cargo ship] and it will have a Scud in it with an atomic warhead and next week I wont be able to post to the blog because electromagnetic pulse will have wiped out US civilization.

Preppers, rejoice, more material for another couple hundred book’s worth of white survivalist romance genre fiction on the end of America.

Hurry, there may still be time to join Peter Pry and the Noah Project by securing your own bug-out retreat in the high mountains of WhiteManistan Appalachia, just like Roscoe Bartlett, before the pulse and the shit hits the fan, bringing an end to American civilization as we know it.

Ready for anything, even the Iranian Navy.

Dead in Congress, prepper psychosis is taken to the Tea Party legislatures in Red States

From Arizona:

Legislation approved Wednesday by the Senate Public Safety Committee would require the state Division of Emergency Management to come up with recommendations about what kinds of things Arizonans should buy now and store in the garage, basement or storage room just in case some enemy detonates a nuclear or other bomb that wipes out power and communications in the state …

SB 1476 is being pushed by Sen. David Farnsworth, R-Mesa, amid concerns about an electromagnetic pulse that can be caused by certain types of explosion …

`Hopefully this will start the discussion and the awareness that we as a government cannot feed all these people,’ Farnsworth said. “As responsible citizens, we need to do our part to make our own private preparations.’

Every man for himself when under nuclear attack. The government can’t and won’t help. Hoard. Build your bunker. Purchase more ammo. Because you know the liberals will come out of the cities looking for your stuff.

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