The Texas Horned Toad’s Eyes Squirt Blood: The May Collection

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Run off the pages of the Waco, TX, newspaper for being too much the name-caller, Ted Nugent has been pumping out more hilariously extreme columns for the Washington Times.

Railing against ‘Fedzilla’ in every one, he’s found his perfect audience — the lunatic extreme right of the same said ‘Fedzilla.’ So while Nugent works his way through the classic rock oldies ag fair circuit this summer, he still will generate a great deal of accidental humor through weekly trainwrecks of thought committed to print by the Times.

A recent best of:

“Pay attention. Get involved. Demand action. Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead.”

The rest is here.

I am not entitled to a paycheck if I don’t produce. Unless, of course, I am a dependent, bloodsucking punk who expects others to cover for my ineptness. Savings are unemployment benefits for responsible people.

See Greece crumble under its own weight? That’s what happens when you discard accountability and totally disregard the importance of apple quality, apple production and apple value. Or you could always burn down the orchard like Zimbabwe.

Literally. Ignorant goofballs. No bail out for you.

Spend like a gluttonous, spoiled brat with no consideration whatsoever for next year’s crop, and you get a nation of denial-strangled idiots who have convinced themselves that their compensation has no connection to their productivity and sales success rate. Soulless.

Are you listening SEIU? AFL-CIO? Are you listening Fedzilla, you gluttonous, blind pig, you.

The rest is here.

But the absolute finest of Ted’s May declamations are these bon mots.

The New Deal was a raw deal, and the Great Society was for losers.

Who can believe that Fedzilla is taking Goldman Sachs to task …

We are shocked that the president of the United States surrounds himself with self-avowed communists, Marxists, socialists, tax cheats, lawbreakers, far-left animal rights goons, Mao and Che fans, and czars …

A prime motivator for the Tea Party is the example of Martin Luther King Jr. …

Truth, logic and common sense drive our lives and remain common and sensible to us all.


Krugman’s chart showing the biggest gains for average Americans corresponding to Nugent’s personal belief that ‘the Great Society was for losers.’

Ladies and gentleman, the mean old coot will now play “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” on the stage next to the pig show pavilion at the Donna Corn Maze.

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