The state of unemployment in the great nation

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Whole Foods has two stores in Pasadena. One on the Arroyo and one on the east side of town at Foothill north of the highway. The Arroyo store announced a job fair on Monday on Facebook and a placard at the franchise on Foothill was seen on Sunday by a friend. You were to upload your resume to the corporate website and come by the store between 9 and 1 today.

The store was overwhelmed by job applicants. The three level parking garage was filled and job-seekers played musical cars in the lanes hoping for a lucky break. I got such a break and went into the store.

There was a line of at least 150 people. More were waiting outside. The store had to put up a sign. You would not be seen without an appointment. The drop by/walk-in plan was cancelled. I had no appointment.

The Whole Foods website advertised two openings at the Arroyo store, both for part-time work, one in the meat department and one as a dishwasher.

People milled around as staff tried to organize those in the crowd who did have appointments. As I drove out, a line of of cars snaked into the garage.

There is never that kind of crowd at Whole Foods before noon at the middle of the week.

It’s a good store. So is the one on the east side. It has always seemed a pleasant place to work. The employees have their own unorthodox cool that sets Whole Foods apart from most other places in Pasadena.

The only rival, Trader Joe’s, is equally good, although for a much more frugal job, a niche it fills perfectly.

Excuse please, my mind wanders.

If you like, you can throw a few coins in the misery jar.

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