America’s Favorite Racist takes sick leave

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The Texas Niagara Falls of race-baiting slurs and misogyny will stop. For now. Ted Nugent is to the hospital for total knee replacement. He uses a cane, put aside when he takes the stage. Nugent was a candidate for a Rascal.

Nugent suffers from kidney stones. His knees are gone from bone grinding on bone and the resulting osteoarthritis. The mainstream media, despite its daily coverage of his colorful character for the past two years for the sake of clickbait, has declined to speak of this aspect of the man’s life. Nugent is not the iron man he likes to paint himself as. He’s 65. He has health problems.

And today in his column at WorldNetDaily, after a week or so of being at the center for a media maelstrom for calling the president a subhuman mongrel, Nugent announces he will be taking a break as he undergoes double knee replacement.

It is not a trivial procedure:

As you read this, yet another little Nuge update at WND.com on this lovely day of our Lord, Feb. 26, 2014, I am gone with the wind, out cold, bonkers, comfortably numb, zapped, schnookered, boogered, out of pocket, off the grid, anesthetized, beyond the zone, almost Ozzy-like.

No, really. I’m plugged in/out in the hospital right now, today, getting new wheels. My long overdue double knee replacement surgery could not be put off any longer …

And what, you may ask, is so positive about this painful procedure that knocks me flat on my 65-year-old a–? Well, beyond the truism that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and beyond the joyful thoughts of being back in the saddle of that legendary Ted Nugent athletic mobility, this rare down moment in time will force me to temporarily disengage from this putrid, tragic culture-war media debate that rages on across the land on a minute by minute, hour by hour, day after day nonstop basis.

“You see, not only will my legs become more powerful and reinforced for the rock ‘n’ roll and bowhunting adventures that lie ahead in my indefatigable American Dream, but after this brief respite and forced rehab, a certain electrifying soul cleansing and spirit re-invigoration will surely transpire, increasing the mental, physical and spiritual firepower of our favorite MotorCity Madman,” Nugent continues in one of his now bog standard run-on sentences.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Double knee replacement is tough surgery.

“Full recovery will take 3 months to a year,” informs the National Institute of Health. If Nugent wished to be even potentially ready for his summer tour this year, now was the drop dead last moment to have knee replacement done. He still might not make it back in time. Summer, I’m predicting, will be for a vacation.

Total knee replacement patients are put on their feet quite early after the procedure so that the joints do not stiffen.

Physical rehab takes a good deal of time. Pain is considerable so control of it is important.

On the replacement, one doctor comments: “It is not designed to make you younger or allow you to do activities that add stress to the joint or risk added injury.”

High impact in daily life, tennis playing, jumping off of even small guitar amplifiers, pretending you’re a young man, are pretty much out. The problem lies in the nature of the prosthetics. They can loosen or shift.

“Perhaps the most common long-term problem with both artificial knees and hips is loosening of the prosthetic and the wearing out of the joint surface,” advises a doctor. “[Maintaining] proper body weight and staying physically fit, while avoiding repetitive high-impact sports such as long distance running, will help preserve joint function and longevity.”

On CNN earlier this week, Nugent appeared to barely hanging onto composure. To me, anyway. This, as a very stressing future, may have had something to do with it.

Ted Nugent needs a break. So does everyone else, from him. Perhaps it will be positive.

For CNN, Nugent made idiotic claims about going along on law enforcement missions, raids, with the DEA, ATF, FBI and Texas Rangers. These are claims he has made before but it’s not worth looking them up. They’re obviously lies.

Politifact went to the trouble of calling the agencies.

It dubs Nugent a liar here. But we already knew that.

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