Religious freedom fighters of WhiteManistan, unite!

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Only a day after Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoes Hate-the-Gays in Arizona because it would be bad for business and a Texas judge strikes down a forbid-gay-marriage law in Texas, the Grand Old HateMongers vow more vigorous efforts to burn witches “continue to press for additional legal protections for private businesses that deny service to gay men and lesbians, saying that a defeat in Arizona this week is only a minor setback and that religious-liberty legislation is the best way” to hate gay people.

It is the height of religious intolerance, anti-American and unwholesome to not allow WhiteManistan to burn witches refuse to do anything for gay people if their religious beliefs requires them to hate and punish said gay people.

As WhiteManistan tries to enact Uganda lite, in its honor, Autotune Eat da Poo Poo.


Religious-freedom measures that could have implications for gay rights are pending in Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma,” read the Washington Post this morning.


  1. Ted Jr. said,

    February 28, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    “It is the height of religious intolerance”

    Is it really? Or is this just obfuscation to hide the real problems

    – a broken financial system
    – a government composed of gangsters
    – driven from crisis to crisis to make extra profits for the insiders
    – a surveillance state mirroring Eric Blair’s most paranoid musings

    Carlin called it years ago when he said that airport security was just theatre performed to make white (manistan?) people feel safe.

    And all of the above dovetails nicely with the misdirection meme.

    And what better way to hide what you are really doing than to get the dullest, least capable of thinking members of a society all riled up about some non issue that in the final analysis means absolutely nothing.

    Such is the real state of WhiteManistan Mr. S.

    But I’m sure you knew all that a long time ago.

  2. George Smith said,

    March 1, 2014 at 8:39 am

    Pretty much. Empower the crazies to indulge their pet hates to get what you really want, at this point, paralysis. The oldest trick in the book.