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Yesterday in Pasadena, DD and the WhiteManistan Blues Band were on fire at Artscape. Perhaps it was the unusual sheeting rain but more likely was the Whole Foods “job fair” experience earlier in the week.

There was nothing to do but jeer at the tale of musical cars in the parking deck and a couple hundred job-seekers lined up out the door for two part-time positions. And you needed an “appointment” just to get your resume looked at.

My friend Mark, the drummer, admitted the country was pathetic.
It hardly produces jobs for its people. The majority of those it does don’t pay much of anything.

When you have no more practical chance of landing even part-time work as a dishwasher or someone wrapping and weighing meat in a supermarket than winning the jackpot with a lottery ticket bought at the liquor store, there’s nothing to do but laugh.

The unemployment problem is caused by a skills mismatch! Americans are too stupid to get the jobs the new global economy furnishes! If you want a job bad enough, you’ll have one! Only the lazy and sinful do not!

From the New York Times opinion page:

[Since] 2000, many college graduates have taken jobs that do not require college degrees and, in the process, have displaced less-educated lower-skilled workers. “In this maturity stage,??? [a] report says, “having a B.A. is less about obtaining access to high paying managerial and technology jobs and more about beating out less-educated workers for the barista or clerical job…???

[The future] norm may very well be an economy where even college-educated workers cannot thrive.

Employer demand for “cognitive skills” has waned, adds the Times. Wages are stagnant. Corporate America declines to give raises except to the most well-off.

No need for cognitive skills as a part-timer in the meat department. And certainly there were plenty of college-educated unemployed people in the Whole Foods line and parking garage.

The Times has no answers other than the usual things that can’t happen: raising the minimum wage, bringing back regulation and enforcement of standards in corporate America, “support for union organizing.”

Additional hilarity provided by e-mails from Robert Reich and other progressive organizations asking if I’d be willing to start a petition to raise the minimum wage in Pasadena, or contribute three dollars, if I could.

Two years old, more true every day. The only bit wrong, a minor detail: Cairo, the Seal Team 6 dog wasn’t elected president.

Hey, use Kickstarter and social networking to collect enough money to make it into a record or CD! Make an ad for this video, advises Google!

What a laugh riot.

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