Father’s Day Ought To Be Good

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The genus mean old coot is not exlusive to white America.

In from the wires, this news from Korea, an old man who donated his business fortune to the Defense Ministry:

“Money is dear to everybody, and I’m no exception. Money is as valuable as the blood that circulates in a man’s body. But we have to keep in mind that money can be used as poison or as medicine, depending on how it is spent,” [said Kim Yeong-Chol].

“So I have decided to spend it on high explosives.”

Kim, who has three children, one son and two daughters, said he didn’t tell his children about his donation because they are still young and ought to carry out their lives without depending on his money.

“My children will probably learn that I donated all my assets when the story goes out and they might feel regretful about the news,” Kim said. “But I’m sure they will understand my intentions.”

The Defense Ministry said it will invest Kim’s money to build a center to conduct research on new environment-friendly materials. The center will focus on developing new substances that could be applied in cutting-edge weapons designs, such as micro missiles …”

Pap, we’re so happy to hear you’ve taken the family fortune and given it to the government so it can buy more missiles from US and Korean arms manufacturers!

“[Kim] founded and ran a midsized textile company in Gwangju, then sold his facilities to the government and amassed a personal fortune … With the government money, Kim initially thought he would establish a foundation or a school to give back to society,” reads the article.

But that was before his decades long twin desires to have revenge on his family and add to things for people to be blowed up with reasserted control.

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