WhiteManistan’s Gun Bullies — the rock opera

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, WhiteManistan at 2:54 pm by George Smith

Over the weekend, instant replay: [WhiteManistan’s] gun owners enjoy bullying others, either through death threats, videotaped outbursts of psychotic rage, or public displays in which they assemble, march and brandish their weapons in front of unarmed civilians. Or all three.

They get off on their pathology, so much so it’s become normal in this increasingly hostile-to-a-civil-life place. It’s natural to the psychotic character of the country, no longer a fringe symptom. Got a problem? If you’re a white guy with guns, show your anger. Make threatening paranoid videos about fighting or shooting the enemies that surround you, a real American. Frighten as many people as possible. Build your following.

From the New York Times today:

But what does it mean, in a democracy that enshrines freedom of speech, to publicly carry a gun as an expression of political dissent? Toting a weapon in a demonstration changes the stakes, transforming a protest from just another heated transaction in the marketplace of ideas into something else entirely. It’s bringing a gun to an idea-fight, gesturing as close as possible to outright violence while still technically remaining within the domain of speech. Like a military “show of force,” this gesture stays on the near side of an actual declaration of war while remaining indisputably hostile. The commitment to civil disagreement is merely provisional: I feel so strongly about this issue, the gun says, that if I don’t get my way, I am willing to kill for it.

Citizens in a democracy make a certain pact with one another: to answer speech with more speech, not violence. No matter how angry what I say makes you, you do not have a right to pull a gun on me. But now the gun has already been drawn, nominally as an act of symbolic speech — and yet it still remains a gun. A slippage has occurred between the First and Second Amendments, and the First suffers as a result. The moral bravery political protest demands is no longer enough; to protest in response now requires the physical bravery to face down men with guns.

This situation is alarming, but it is also tragic. Asking after the propriety of guns in the public square ignores a basic reality: They are already there, and not just in ambiguously threatening demonstrations.

Further, the gun bullies are the shock troops of the bigot white right: “Since the election of Barack Obama, guns have appeared in the public square in a way unprecedented since the turbulent 1960s and ’70s — carried alongside signs and on their own since before the Tea Party elections …”

Included in this manner, gun bully public face Ted Nugent, calling the president a “subhuman mongrel” at a gun show, his most recent appearance at the NRA convention in Indianapolis embargoed from the press to keep him out of trouble while his new knees set.

“Fuck you, keep buying them guns this video is posted by a idiot …” — standard comment


  1. Ted Jr. said,

    May 6, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    Strange how the simplest analyses tend to state the
    most profound truths. Comments are of interest also.


  2. Ted Jr. said,

    May 6, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Whoops, should have qualified that as the nut jobs
    take over that thread –

    ” Comments 1-25 are of interest also. “

  3. George Smith said,

    May 7, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    Tomorrow’s Ted Nugent Day. Since his steel knees job he’s not been himself although everyday the mainstream press in the news tab is now printing his name alongside the description “racist,” in omnibus pieces on Bundy, Sterling and handfuls of others from the near-violent right. I suspect he was protected from the press at this year’s NRA convention because there are some people managing his career now starting to think his pre-NRA behavior re the President now has the potential to hurt profits. Although he’s getting a kill fee for a Longview, Texas, gig, he lost this July 4th show as a direct result of his mouth. So we’ll see.

    This week Hillary Clinton, one of his favorite witches, insulted our gun culture. I am betting he will not long be able to contain himself.