J. Everett Dutschke will not go quietly

Posted in Bioterrorism, Ricin Kooks, Rock 'n' Roll at 11:30 am by George Smith

J. Everett Dutschke, the only alleged ricin maker to ever be a finalist in a Budweiser beer Battle of the Bands contest is in the news again. And I cannot do it justice.

So, here, from the local newspaper:

A man accused of sending ricin to President Barack Obama and two other public officials, then framing an Elvis impersonator recanted his confession at a sentencing hearing this morning after pleading guilty four ricin-related charges …

[Dutschke] reportedly recanted his confession and launched into a rant against Kevin Curtis, the Elvis impersonator he attempted to frame for the letters, comparing him to Barney the Dinosaur. Then Dutschke compared himself to an Olympic gymnast.

Dutschke then said that he would happily empty the contents of the letters he is accused of sending into a peanut butter sandwich and eat it to prove it was not poison.

J. Everett Dutschke — and a whole lot more — from WhiteManistan blog’s incomparable archives.

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