Jailhouse rock: Tupelo’s J. Everett Dutschke gets 25

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J. Everett Dutschke’s band, Robodrum, playing his song, “Superhero,” in 2012.

A 25 year prison sentence marks the end of the trail for one of country’s strangest fellows, ricin mailer and industrious outsider musician, J. Everett Dutschke, the only castor bean pounder to ever be a finalist in a Budweiser beer Battle of the Bands. (Last year, Budweiser quietly disappeared its YouTube video of Dutschke and his band performing in St. Louis as part of the brand’s promotion. However, as seen above there is still home video of Robodrum, performing in Tupelo, just prior to the development of his castor powder mailing plan.)

From AP:

A Mississippi man who pleaded guilty to sending letters dusted with the poison ricin to President Barack Obama and other officials was sentenced Monday to 25 years in prison.

James Everett Dutschke was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock in Aberdeen after telling the judge May 13 that he had changed his mind about wanting to withdraw his guilty plea in the case.

From last week:

[Dutschke] reportedly recanted his confession and launched into a rant against Kevin Curtis, the Elvis impersonator he attempted to frame for the letters, comparing him to Barney the Dinosaur. Then Dutschke compared himself to an Olympic gymnast.

Dutschke then said that he would happily empty the contents of the letters he is accused of sending into a peanut butter sandwich and eat it to prove it was not poison.

However, the summer of 2012 had J. Everett Dutschke and Robodrum in St. Louis, competing to win a Budweiser Light Battle of the Bands.

It resulted in what’s now the one and only example of an American accused of bioterrorism in a ritzy promotional video sponsored and paid for by the King of Beers

In make-up, glitter and sunglasses, Dutschke sings he doesn’t need any fancy women, he just needs his guitar because he’ll blow your house down in “Big Bad Wolf,” a song from a Robodrum album of the same name. “Enjoy Responsibly” reads the big beer vendor’s subtitling on the video.

From Bean Pounding: J. Everett Dutschke and the strange saga of outsider music and bioterrorism.

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