Innovation in the Culture of Lickspittle

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 2:24 pm by George Smith

The United States isn’t really particularly great at making stuff.

However, it is easy to name where we still hang onto the top spot: weapons of mass destruction, bombers, heavy guided bombs and missiles, armed drones. No awards given for the “Designed in U.S.A. / Made in China” labels that come up with other things, mostly in consumer electronics, though.

Then there’s this bit of viral news from tech, one of the favorite sources of joy in the Culture of Lickspittle.

Yay, PancakeBot. Will you be able to buy it with BitCoin?

Last year, it was the 3D-plastic gun. Since then, cakes, cookies, pizza and candy.

“Unfortunately you can’t buy one of these badboys just yet, but if you don’t mind putting in some extra effort, it’s totally possible to build one yourself,” writes some publicist masquerading as a journalist at DigitalTrends.

It’s the future of breakfast, insists the piece.

“PancakeBot’s creators have developed a version made from Legos and an Arduino microcontroller, and have posted the building instructions online for free,” it adds.

That’s great. Whatever will we get for free, next?

You’ll note that “free” in the Culture of Lickspittle long ago ceased meaning what traditionalists stupidly still think it does.

“Drew’s fascination with technology began at an early age – shortly after he licked a 9-volt battery for the first time,” reads the bio at DigitalTrends. (No link.)

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