Inside the mind of the Isla Vista lunatic

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“Every time I go out, I have to see these young couples. And I get jealous of them. They remind me of exactly of what I am missing out in life — sex, love, companionship. I desire those things. I desire girls. I am sexually attracted to girls. But girls are not sexually attracted to me and there’s a major problem with that, a major problem. That’s a problem that I intend to rectify. I, in all my magnificence and power, I will not let this fly. It’s an injustice that needs to be dealt with.”

The Isla Vista lunatic, 22-year old Elliot Rodger, put his pathological psyche into rambling videos, all on YouTube, made in the days just prior to his killing spree on Friday night at UC Santa Barbara.

All set against beautiful vistas, almost all of them in Santa Barbara, Roger lays out his grievances against girls and the unfair world, but mostly against girls for never wanting to have sex or anything else to do with him. Set against the setting sun overlooking the ocean, or on a beautiful hillside in Montecito in “Why do girls hate me so much?,” Roger repeats his message over and over.

One video is a morning drive to school a week or so ago set with “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves playing in the car, another a cruise through the main drag of Montecito, just south of Santa Barbara, to “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry.

In all, Rodger appears methodical, possessed by a calm hatred of women who are simply seen as objects, and patently insane. He had a script and never wavered. His family apparently saw them, knew of his problems and informed authorities, but nothing could be done.

Rodger calls himself magnificent, awesome, frequently. He boasts of his BMW and makes it a star in the video entries. He owns a 300 dollar pair of sunglasses and dresses nice. He is sophisticated but “girls” are not attracted to him. Rodger has had to “rot” in “bleak and sad loneliness.” The objects of his desire shun him for “obnoxious slobs,” in the parks, around town, at the local Trader Joe’s: “Every day I must be insulted by the sight of all these lesser men walking around with beautiful girls.”

It’s a macabre tour of the beautiful places in Santa Barbara, some of it set to a couple of sunny pop music hits from the Eighties, your narration by a madman whose plan was to tell everyone what he was about to do and, especially — why, repeatedly, knowing no one would see them until after.

Rodger’s selfie videos are The Sorrows of Young Werther as a short movie narrated ala American Psycho. Except instead of just killing himself after being spurned by the girl he pines for, the young man creates a video diary, then goes to a college sorority and guns down women in a drive-by. (He also stabbed three of his male roommates to death.)

“Right now I’m taking a walk through the park … and I’m just contemplating about my life and how it’s been unfair for the last eight years, ever since I hit puberty. Ever since I started desiring girls. But they never desire me back.

Life has been a living hell since then. I’ve been all alone. Right now it’s spring break. Everyone else my age is outside with their friends and their girlfriends. Here I am taking lonely walks through a park. But still, I have to admire the beauty of this place. Look at it. Magnificent, isn’t it?

“This is the park I usually come to. It’s quite close to where I live in Santa Barbara. Whenever I come here I true to develop a sense of peace, a sense of escape from my troubles in life. Even though I’m lonely here, the serenity of it all just makes me try and forget about it.”

Another disturbing feature, for this blog, is recognizing all the places in Rodger’s videos because I’ve been to them. Santa Barbara and its environs are popular getaways, all being somewhat less than a two hour drive from here, even on busy days.

No links. Some trivial flat-footing on YouTube shows them all. Roger had a plan and knew it would be this way.

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