Busking in honor of America

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From Krugman, yesterday:

Our political discourse is dominated by reverse Robin-Hoodism — the belief that economic success depends on being nice to the rich, who won’t create jobs if they are heavily taxed, and nasty to ordinary workers, who won’t accept jobs unless they have no alternative. And according to this ideology, Europe — with its high taxes and generous welfare states — does everything wrong …

[But] Europe started doing much better, while America started doing much worse. France’s prime-age employment rate overtook America’s early in the Bush administration; at this point the gap in employment rates is bigger than it was in the late 1990s, this time in France’s favor. Other European nations with big welfare states, like Sweden and the Netherlands, do even better.

Krugman links to Portuguese economist Antonio Fatas, who in a blog post, shows how the labor market in the US is very poor for prime age works, in stark contrast to Europe and many other countries.

Fatas concludes: “In fact, with the exception of Portugal, Greece and Ireland, the US is the country with the worst labor market record for this age group if we compare the 2012 to the 2000 figures.”

Read it. Shown in charts, during the the past decade, the US has become the best at being almost the worst.

The ol’ American exceptionalism, again.

In honor of this, I whipped up the busking version of Rich Man’s Burden today.

Sing along for the sorrows of the Koch brothers, all the wealthy now feeling so persecuted. Drown the misery with some Colts.

And feel free (but not at all obligated) to toss a couple coins in the virtual guitar case, a half-six worth maybe.

Blessed are the job creators, they can always hire way more waiters.

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