The Play Toys of the Culture of Lickspittle

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 11:47 am by George Smith

“What still doesn’t exist in the marketplace is a fantastic end-to-end user experience!”

“When we started working on this project we gave ourselves this provocation: What if you could send a 3D print to someone as easy as sending a text message?”

“We want to make this as easy as downloading an app to your phone. Having a curated library is important because everything on there [thousands of plans and renderings for plastic knick-knacks] is gonna be good!”

“You can add shapes to it. You can adorn it with your initials.”

I could go on. Near the end, encapsulated: Create meaningful relationships with plastic objects.

Count on people to throw half-a-million or more their way.

Gaily colored plastic things for setting on coffee tables, for the people who ride the Google bus, or whoever pass for them near you.

Last week, it was candy, cookies and pancakes.

Making abundant nothings for those who already have abundance.

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