The Evil Trinity that ruined the country

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Three people who most have never heard of, two of which are dead, are responsible for everything gone wrong.

From the irrefutably logical Ted Nugent, who has mentioned them twice in two 4th of July columns, one for WND and one at Newsmax:

The blatant despicable fraud of Obamacare scams, entitlement scams, welfare scams, foodstamp scams, fuel subsidy scams, child-support scams, unemployment benefit scams, so called disability scams and the entire Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven dismantling of the greatest quality of life ever known to mankind is a tragedy of untold proportions, and the liberal democrat scammasters are treading on us like jackboots gone mad.

Click the link to plumb the depths of the conspiracy. It affords hours of reading.

In Maine, there is a referendum to ban the using of bait to bag bears during season. Nugent has come out against it because he baits bears. And a couple of years ago he was convicted of illegally bagging and transporting a black bear in Alaska while on an expedition to baiting stations.

A person wrote to the Bangor Daily News:

[Ted Nugent] is the poster child for cruel and unsporting ó and just plain lazy ó methods of killing our black bears.

Sportsmen donít use dogs, jelly doughnuts or leg-hold traps to hunt bears; they use fair chase still-hunting or stalk-and-shoot methods. Mainers donít use these cruel methods on any other game species in Maine. Why treat our iconic bears with so much less respect than our deer or moose?

I didn’t know jelly donuts were used to attract bears, thinking it was only something from old Yogi cartoons. But, yes, there is an entire product line of jelly donut bear-bait.

Nugent has put an autographed acoustic guitar on eBay, selling for $7,000, to help raise money to defeat the anti-bear bait referendum in Maine.

So far, after a few weeks, no takers. That’s a lot of money for a red, white and blue novelty acoustic guitar marred by a Ted Nugent signature. Probably not quite worth even $400 after it got the treatment.

“Freedom is not free,” writes Nugent near the end of his July 4th Newsmax piece.

No, certainly not. Freedom is not free is cut-and-paste, a favorite of people who have little to say but a great desire to say it, everywhere in the US over the weekend. Click the link before it expires.

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